The Mythic Wars

The world is at war. It just doesn't concern measly humans.
All those magical creatures from the story books, even some that aren't in them, are at war with each other and have been for the last century.
However, there's a group of creatures that wish for peace between all the species, prejudices aside. Deep in the woods of Maine there's Camp Azil, a sanctuary for all species who want to escape the war to a safe environment. But with enemies right next door, how long can the peace last?

Chapter 1


Mine (StaceyCasey)
Name: Selene Zice
Gender: Female
Age: Looks 17, but is really around 300 years old.
Species: Vampire
Looks: Long fiery red hair, tall, pale, black eyes with white flecks
Personality: Wants the war to end and for all the creatures to be at peace, but if she's threatened she's not against violence. Quiet, a little mysterious, likes to take risks, loyal, doesn't take authority well
Special power: Her singing get's whatever reaction she wants it to. It can either make people's ears bleed or make them fall asleep.
Weaknesses: The sun (doesn't burn but her eyes water up and the irises turn bright red), animals don't like her, trusts others too easily
Enemy of: Werewolves and trolls
Background: Mother was killed by a werewolf when she was still growing up, Father is fighting in the war, moved to America in the 1800s, lives deep in the woods in Maine with her brother Dante, but travels by herself a lot, though currently one of the camp leaders.

Name: Corrym Leila O'Lynn
Gender: Female
Age: Appears to be 13 or 14, but she's over 1,000. O.o
Species: Elemental; half water, half fire-- a highly dangerous combination
-Height: 5'5"
-Slim and lithe; well-muscled but not bulky
-Long, straight, dark reddish-auburn hair
-One amber eye, one deep blue
-Fair skin, freckles
- Bold and fearless, ready for anything.
-Hates being told what to do.
-Since she's half fire, half water, her powers are extremely unstable.
-Often comes across as fierce and uncaring, but she'd actually give anything to keep her friends and allies safe.
-Can go too far when trying to protect her friends, usually resulting in someone being sent to a hospital or a healing ward.
-She is aware of how dangerous she is, and always warns others to stay away when she is angry.
-Emotionally and mentally, she is the strongest out of all of her friends.
-Due to her chaotic past, fighting has become her second nature, but she tries her hardest not to unleash her powers on those who don't deserve it.
-She hides many horrifying secrets, but she doesn't want to scare away her friends.
Special Powers:
-Can control fire and water
-Can fight any enemy and win
-Can breathe underwater, but for short periods of time.
-Can breathe in smoke from fires.
-When she becomes too angry, is in danger of dying, or uses too much magic, she gives in to what is known as the Blood Rage. This is due to the many genetic abnormalities she has, and it's much like what happens to werewolves-- when she is possessed by it, she has no idea what she's doing, and may even attack her friends. Because of her powerful and dangerous nature, she can kill almost everyone around her while under the influence of the Blood Rage. However, it only lasts for a few seconds, and she has very nearly died from it. (It actually has nothing to do with drinking blood, transforming, biting people, or anything like that. The name is derived from her bloodline, her genes.)
-If she spends too long in the water or the rain, she becomes extremely ill.
-Prolonged exposure to fire or very high heat will also result in a terrible illness.
Enemy of: Pretty much all creatures. Even the elementals hate her-- according to them, she's a freak. But the enmity is one-sided-- she doesn't hate anyone.
Background: No one knows who her parents were, not even Corrym herself. Over a thousand years ago, she was adopted by the arcane elemental, Celessra. Celessra died under mysterious circumstances, but by that time, Corrym was old enough to fend for herself, and retreated to the woods, going into hiding. However, once the war started, she was forced to emerge once again, and gradually made friends with a small group of magical creatures who also wanted to stop the war. Some say that she is legendary... that she will bring peace, but only after a terrifying bloodbath...
-When she is not consumed by the Blood Rage and not fighting alongside her friends, she's actually a great listener.

Name: Ariella Springs
Gender: Female
Age: Looks 16, really is 250 years old
Species: Mermaid, you know those one that don't age, yeah :D
Looks: Long curly blonde hair, electric blue eyes, pale skin, her scales are different shades of blue to match her eye color.
Personality: Peaceful, kind, honorable, has a dark side that is only revealed in great times of distress!
Special Power: Water (she can do anything imaginable with water)
Weaknesses: Fire, Love
Enemy of: Any fire being, ware wolves
Background: Her parents and sisters were killed in the war; she was left to fend for herself!

Name: Adrianne Rose Carter
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Fairy
Looks: long light brown wavy hair, emerald green eyes, light tan skin, friendly smile, freckles along nose
Personality: funny, kind, shy, smart, stubborn, helpful, bubbly, sometimes an air head but usually smart, supportive, honestly hates conflict but doesn't admit it to anyone, keeps negative emotions in
Special Power: Fly, Change Size, Controls light
Weaknesses: iron/steel. The need to help people
Enemy of: a pixie
Background: considered young compared to the other fairies. Dad died earlier for an unknown cause and she lives with her mom who helps her with her fairy powers
Other: Has blue and yellow wings, when in her fairy form she is very innocent like and even more friendly, she gets a lot smaller, never enjoys fights and even if her kind hates pixies, she doesn't necessarily

Name: Wendy Bliss
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Witch/Caster
Looks: Tall, pale skin, silver-white hair (very long), big gold and blue eyes, innocent looking
Personality: Caring and creative, a huge soft side, loves animals, protective
Special Power: Can heal plants and animals
Weaknesses: Is too trusting and innocent
Enemy of: the vampire
Background: Cares for her little sister Mandy, who lives in The Meadow with her
Other: Has a crown of flowers from her mother that she always wears

Name: Griffin Elway.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Species: White Fey
Looks: White/blonde hair just a little longer than average so it curls around his neck and ears. Pale blue eyes, pale skin, tall and lanky, but stronger than he looks.
Personality: Sweet, loyal, caring, headstrong, brash, brave, sarcastic, witty.
Special Power: Can control and conjure ice.
Weaknesses: Heat and fire and sun. If he's near/in these for too long his heart stops beating and he dies within minutes.
Enemy of: Vampires, Red Fey and gifted humans with fire powers.
Background: Was raised as a noble until he was 10, then was taken to a special training facility where he was trained to be the best warrior. His specialty is scimitars-two long wickedly curved swords. While he was away his parents were killed by the Red (Fire) Court, and he seeks revenge.
Other: Always carries two scimitars belted on his hips.

Name: Mist Corelle (sounds like coral)
Gender: Female
Age: 15
Species: Mermaid
Looks: Dark blue hair, in the sun and when she walks it looks as if it's waves in the ocean, sea green eyes, pale skin, a few inches short for someone her age.
Personality: calm and collective, kind, but when tempered she is a force to be reckoned with.
Special Power: she can talk to water animals, can breath underwater, has fins when she's in water, and can of course breath underwater.
Weaknesses: She hates fire, she doesn't think straight when she's angry
Enemy of: She likes everyone
Background: both of her parents are dead, they were caught by humans, and she made a deal with a sea enchantress to walk on land to find them. (She doesn't know they are dead.) Now she can have legs and fins at will.
Other: She enjoys singing, even though it attracts a lot of attention to herself (like mermaids singing to sailors) she can hardly remember what they look like so she keeps on trying to draw them, but she can never get it right. She hates getting too much attention, because she doesn't want anyone knowing what she is.

Name: Renee
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Elvin elemental
Looks: Long golden hair that goes to lower back, but keeps in a tight high bun
Personality: She is sweet, kind, and a peace lover. She hates war, violence, and fighting. She loves peace, friendship, and helping people.
Special Power: Air, fire, earth, and water
Weaknesses: blows to the chest, and pressure marks.
Enemy of: no one
Background: her father is the peace maker in his hometown. Her mother died giving birth to her.
Other: Her dream career is to take over her father's job after he passes.

Name: Madeline "Scales" Robinson.
Gender: female
Age: 10 (If it's a disturbance I cold change it to 16.)
Species: Half-bird half-human.
Looks: Shoulder length straight red hair with bangs. Silver/blue eyes.
Personality: -mysterious/secretive
-Doesn't trust many
-Fun and kind when she trusts you
-Quiet and deadly if she doesn't trust you
-So far, only trusts herself
Special Power(s):
-Has a 6 foot wingspan (grows with age)
-read minds
-Occasionally sprout dragon wings
-Can tune in with bird nature/half
-Hiding her wings
-Fear of death
-Crowds of people
Enemy of: Vampires
Background: Her Dad used her as an experiment to test what animal genes work with Human ones. Mom is dead. Used to live in Australia but now lives on the streets/air. Dad died when she was 8 from a bombing on his factory of experiments.
Other: Besides bird genes she also is part lizard and part chameleon. Likes to be called Scales for her partly scaled wings.

Name: Avery Wilson
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Species: Part Mermaid Part Human
Looks: Medium length light brown wavy hair, a mixer of all eye colors, sun tan, tall, slim
Personality: Thinks war is a waste of time, very smart, but is kind to the wounded
Special Power: breathes underwater, talks to fish underwater, on land is the fastest runner and best archer. Can control water on land
Weaknesses: Doesn't trust many people even if they r telling the truth, gets angry very easily, doesn't know how to climb a tree.
Enemy of: Trolls and Giants
Background: was born a human until the world got into war. Merpeople brought her into the sea so she can live. She goes on and off land for the Merpeople for messages because she’s the only half and half.
Other: in the sea, she is the adopted daughter of the King of the sea, and on land she helps dragons grow up in return for protecting them. Only ally for the Merpeople are the dragons.

Name: Dawn
Gender: Girl
Age: 17
Looks: Long Black Hair, Blue eyes mixed with gray, Bangs, porcelain skin, Height 5'4
Personality: Stubborn, mean, sarcastic, nice (when i feel like it), sneaky, quiet
Special Power: Making people feel pain, anger, fear and "Death Kiss"
Weaknesses: Losing my friends or hurting them
Enemy of: Everyone (Don't Trust Anyone) expect my closest Friends
Background: been hurt as a child, seen a lot of killing and witness my family death
Other: Bisexual, likes-books, music, Anime, causing trouble, my close friends, Hates- Everything except the things i mention.

Name: Megan Jade Stone (goes by Jade or stone, NEVER Megan)
Gender: Female
Age: 15 ½
Species: Shape Shifter
Eye color: Left eye is clouded and sightless; right eye is golden brown
Body type: 5'2", stocky, curvy, small
Attitude: All around, normally dark and quiet
Catchphrases: "I could care less.", "Hola amiga/amigo.", "Buenos dias." gumbles,
Power: Shape-shifter (can change into ANYONE she sees).
Special: wears her mom's wedding ring on thumb, small butterfly tattoo on left shoulder blade, speaks fluent Spanish, doesn't care for her dad but secretly does, doesn't always show her real self.

Name: Storm white
Gender: Female
Age: 17 and 9 months
Species: Mermaid
Looks: pale skin, long wavy black hair, dark purple eyes, Blue, green, red, purple, and orange tail.
Personality: shy, adventurous, protective, cautious.
Special Power: she can control the weather and breath underwater of course
Weaknesses: heat
Enemy of: vampire
Background: Mother died of heat stroke when she was 7, strict but loving father.
Other: is bored and longs for some action in her life.

Name: Rosalind Ziedi (z-a-dee)

Gender: Female

Age: 18 but has roamed the earth since the beginning of time

Species: Vampire

Looks: fair skin, black hair, bright violet eyes

Personality: bad temper, very wise, is untrustful

Special Power: mind control (loves to make people see/ hear things that aren't there

Enemy of: Werewolves and allies

Background: family was killed by a family 'friend' that was allied with werewolves

Name: Devon Lang
Gender: Male
Age: He's unsure of how old he is, but looks around 17 or 18
Species: (Human) Ghost
Looks: Unusually tall, dark brown hair, brown eyes. He has a weird scar across his forehead.
Personality: Quiet and reserved, kind of depressed. He always seems to be in another world
Special Power: When alive he died in a car accident. His soul was bound to a car, until he made a pact with a creature of some sort, and now he manipulates vehicles, like he can bring them out randomly from nowhere. But as a result, he doesn't belong to himself anymore and he has to do whatever the creature tells him
Weaknesses: People who can see him, he can't work as efficiently if they can see him.
Enemy of: No one originally, but now that he made a pact with the creature he is enemies of all. This creature is trying to preserve the war between the magical species.
Background: He was a human with a normal life. He died around the early 70's when he was eighteen. The rest is explained above.
Other: He is kind of the friend but kind of the spy in the camp. He regrets making that pact just for power


So clearly a lot of people want to do this story, and it may get confusing at sometimes, but the point is to just have fun with it :)

So here are the rules that are posted near the entrance of the camp:

1. No fighting/brawls
2. No threatening others
3. Keep the peace
4. No hostility towards another species
5. If there is a serious issue between anyone, come to the Camp Leader's office.

Break any of these rules, you must leave the camp sanctuary immediately.

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