Anime Character Talk Show!

So this is gonna be a talk show with anime characters from different anime. They will talk about stuff and it will be different characters every chapter!
If you want an anime character to be in this message me and tell me the character and a description of them it has to include what anime they're from,personality,what they like and you can also tell me what u want them to do. Name the Message Anime Talk Show Character please
Comment if you wish...

Chapter 1

Start of the New Talk Show!!!

Today's Cast:
OHSHC-Kyoya Ohtori,Mitsukuni Haninozuka(Hunny),Takashi Morinozuka(Mori)
Fruits Basket-Kyo Sohma,Tohru Honda
Yumeiro Patissiere-Kashino Makoto,Amano Ichigo,Caramel
Prince of Tennis-Kikumaru Eiji
In a Room with sofas and a table
Random Person: So everyone please take your seats and you may begin.

Everyone stares at each other
Kyo: Why are we here?
Kashino:Didn't you read the e-mail you got? It said that we were gonna start this talk show where we er...obviously talk.
Kyo:I'm not stupid you know! Gives evils to Kashino
Kyoya:So... I think we should start by introducing ourselves. I'm Kyoya Ohtori from the anime Ouran High School Host Club.
Hunny:We're from the same anime as Kyoya I'm Hunny and this Points at Mori is Takashi
Kashino:I'm Kashino Makoto from the anime Yumeiro Patissiere mutters this is like the time we had to introduce our sweets spirits
Ichigo:I guess I'm next um I'm Amano Ichigo and I'm from the same anime as Kashino
Caramel:Hello everyone I'm Caramel,a Sweets spirit from the anime Yumeiro Patissiere It's nice to meet you all
Hunny: Wow I've heard of you You can magic up cakes can't you???
Caramel:Well yes if i've put them in a card first I think...
Hunny: Can I Have one??? I've always wanted to try one!!
Caramel:Ok I'll just have to go back to my anime looks around for a door See ya soon bumps into door owww
Tohru:Are you Ok??? Picks caramel up
Caramel:yes thank you um...
Tohru:I'm Tohru from fruits basket anyway u have to get going and remember to open the door.
Kyo:Says you...
Kyo:Well You are a klutz you know
Ichigo:I have to admit that i'm one too so don't bully her
Kyo:I wasn't...Anyway let's go back to the introductions cause i don't wanna talk about this. I'm Kyo
Kikumaru:Yay it's my turn! I'm Kikumaru from Prince of tennis and i have a message for the producers from Captain Tezuka. He say's he's sorry but he's busy and can't come.
Kyoya:Why doesn't he just send another person?
Kikumaru:Oh about that everyone on the seigaku tennis team is in a match right now and i'm the only one that's free
Hunny:that's a bit odd
Mori:yeah finally spoke. I know it's wierd but i'm still gonna do some training here so i'm not left behind.
Kashino:How the hell are you gonna do that??
Kikumaru:Easy does some acrobatics and plus i've got some weights from Inui
Hunny:Wow that's so cool Kyoya aren't you gonna film this??
Kyoya:well i could but he's not in the host club
Hunny:But what if i'm doing something in it
Hunny:come on plzzz
Kyoya:Ok as long as I get profits from it
Kyoya: gets camera out What are you going to do??
Kikumaru and Hunny do some stuff like acrobatics and karate
Kyoya:I've got it
Kikumaru: so what are you gonna do with it???
Ichigo: Yeah I wanna know too
Kyoya:Well edit it and make profits for the host club i'm sure it will sell a lot
Caramel bursts in and falls
Tohru:OMG are you ok??
Caramel: yes I've got the cake
Hunny:Yay what type of cake is it?
Caramel:Well I told Andou to put strawberries on it since Ichigo might want some
Ichigo: Drools Yay Cake
Kashino:What Happened to you feeling ill before we came??
Ichigo: Well this is a different story Gets out a Fork
Hunny: Ohhh I love Stawberries I guess we could share it
Kyo:Hang on a minute how did this become a cake eating place??
Tohru:oh come on Kyo It's an entertainment show what's wrong with cake??
Kyoya:Caramel is it?? I've got a question for you...
Kyoya:I did some research on you while you were away and...
Kyo:hang on a minute when the hell did you do that?
Kyoya:Just before Kikumaru introduced himself anyway your a sweets spirit if i'm not mistaken.
Kyoya:How are we seeing you??
Caramel:oh yeah I forgot that you could see me. Well Kashino and Ichigo can see me cause they have sweets spirits like myself.
Ichigo: stops eating cake Yeah I have Vanilla
Kashino:As for me its Chocolat
Hunny:Mmm this is delicious and they've got cool names!!
Caramel:Yeah and well the rest of you can see me cause I'm on a special thing that lets you see me nothing really
Kyoya:interesting... writes something down

Random Person:Times up everyone You can go back to your anime now.

Kyo:Finally Walks at a fast pace to the door of his anime
Tohru:Kyo wait for me! It was nice meeting all of you hope to see you again sometime
Kyoya:Well I guess we should get going now Opens door to his anime
Mori:let's go
Kashino:looks across the room to Ichigo You can have more cake when we get back Caramel clear up the table.
Caramel:Ok we've got to leave it clean for next time
Ichigo: fine runs to door but falls Oww
Caramel: Are you okay?
Kikumaru:I'm gonna go now see ya!!! goes back to his anime
Ichigo and Caramel: in Unison Bye
Kashino:Hurry up and get through the door already

Door closes and everything is silent once more

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