Tips, Tricks, And How To Find Yourself

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Chapter 1


It is true that liking the clothes that you wear improves your self esteem. Fashion fades but style is forever. So don't listen to those blogs and TV shows and magazines that tell you if you don't look like this your not pretty! Your style is an extension of who you are. It's also a great ice breaker. If you dress yourself in a way that makes you feel awesome you'll appear more friendly and people will want to talk to you. And they'll already have an idea of who you are. If your wearing very bold and bright colors they'll know that your an exciting and fun person. If your wearing lacy floral more feminine stuff (My personal favorite) Then they'll know your a sweetie and a great friend. So this isn't a fashion blog. It's a style finder. And I really hope it helps you.
Ta ta, keep being amazing

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