Death the Kid's...?! 5

Death the Kid's...?! 5

Book 5 o.o holy poop

Chapter 1

Gone with the Wind

BOOK 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Here are the high lights from book 4: Soul, Liz, Patty, Tsubaki, Ciara, and Sami-Jo were all made death scycthes. Kid killed Akahana, Caroline killed Rose, Black Star killed Araena, and Crona killed Traina. Dr. Stein and Kaite took care of Poppy, Araena's protector. Taylor was never dead and came back when the madness was spreading, Cody however, was killed by Hell. Black Star has kissed Sami-Jo (quite a few times now) and Kid has kissed Tsubaki, but Kid and Sami-Jo still remaned together. Sami-Jo has a promise ring with Kid. CRONA AND CIARA HAD THEIR FIRST KISS! And Caroline is dating Kilik. Chirstmas is near and the weather is getting cold! Will Sami-Jo and Kid still be together after what happened with Black Star and Tsubaki? What happens next to the cast? Will Spirit ever be able to stay faithful to a woman?! FIND OUT IN THIS BOOK!
At the Gallows...
Caroline: (asleep in her bed sorning)
Ciara: It's almost noon now! When will she wake up?!
Sami-Jo: WAKE UP! (hits Caroline)
Caroline: (grabs Sami-Jo's akle and slams her on the floor) Ugh! (goes back to sleep)
Ciara: Okay! Let's just let her sleep!
Sami-Jo: Agreed. (sits up and rubs her head) Wait! Are you wearing jeans?!
Ciara: It's too cold to wear a skirt! Plus we're not in school anymore! You said I have to wear skirts while I'm in school!
Sami-Jo: Fine I guess you're right. Ah ha! But Crona hasn't stopped wearing dresses!
Ciara: Yeah he did. This morning he called me and said he got rid of all his dresses and now wears pants!
Sami-Jo: Why is that?
Ciara: Cause when we were on a date and little girl and her mom walked by us and said 'Mommy! How come those two girls are kissing?!' and than the mother said 'Just keep walking. Sometimes girls like girls okay?' and dragged her kid away from us.
Sami-Jo: (laughs) I should've been there! Why didn't you tell me this before!? It's hilarous! (slaps her
Ciara: No, no it's not. (slobs over)
Sami-Jo: (pats her back) It's okay.
Ciara: The one time we kiss! We like never kiss and we have to be kissing then! How the hell doe she have pink hair?! I've seen pictures of Medusa and she looks like nothing like him!
Caroline: STOP YELLING! (throws the lamp at them)
Sami-Jo: (grabs Ciara and ducks) Okay! We're out! (opens the door and pushes them out)
Liz: (closes her room door) She throw another lamp at you?
Ciara and Sami-Jo: (nodds)
Liz: (pats their heads) Hang in there.
Sami-Jo: Is Kid up?
Liz: What do you think?
Sami-Jo: Oh right! Is this week 8:00 am week or 6:00?
Ciara: 6:00.
Sami-Jo: Oh. How does he do that?! We were up till 12 watching that movie!
Ciara: Worst 4 hours of my life.
Last night...
Ciara: Yay! First time Crona's with us for movie night! (sits on the couch next to Crona)
Crona: Yeah.
Liz: (sits done on the chair with a big bowl of popcorn) Nice to see you again Crona.
Patty: Yep! (lays down on the floor in front of the TV)
Caroline: (sits on the other chair) What movie are we watching?
Ciara: I don't know. (grabs the popcorn when Liz isn't looking)
Patty: Kid's chosing!
Caroline: Great. (rolls her eyes)
Liz: Yeah. (shoves her hand in what she thinks is the popcorn bowl) What the? What happened to the popcorn? (looks over at Ciara)
Ciara: (stops shoving her face with popcorn and looks over)
Crona: You shouldn't put that much popcorn in your mouth!
Kid: Okay! I got the movie! (jumps over the couch and lands over Patty)
Patty: (looks up at Kid) What movie is it?
Kid: You'll see! (puts the tape in the VCR player) Sami!
Liz: A tape? (reaches over for the popcorn and sees the bowls empty) Ciara!
Ciara: What?
Liz: What happened to like the ten pounds of popcorn?!
Ciara: (shurgs) It dissapeared?
Liz: Oh yeah! It just poofed out of the bowl and into a different popcorn bowl!?
Ciara: Yep! Excatly!
Sami-Jo: Okay! I'm here! (sits on the other end of the ouch)
Kid: Alright! (presses play and squeezes in between Sami-Jo and Crona)
Sami-Jo: What movie is it?
Kid: Gone with the Wind! (smiles)
Liz: I love that movie!
Crona: I heard it's sad and scary. (hugs Ciara)
Caroline: How long is it?
Kid and Liz: Four hours!
Caroline: Great....
10 minutes into the movie...
Patty: Well she's a big fat brat!
Liz: (kicks Patty in the head) Sh!
20 minutes....
Ciara: (asleep on Crona's shoulder)
Crona; Aw no! The war's gonna start soon isn't it?!
30 minutes.....
Caroline: What is with the dude Scarlett is so obsessed with?1 Can't she tell that other dude likes her?!
Liz: It's the whole point of the movie! Gawd!
40 minutes...
Sami-Jo: Oh they're playing Taps! (cries into Kid's chest)
Patty: Well now we know why he chose this movie.
50 minutes...
Ciara: (wakes up) Huh?
Kid: It hasn't even been an hour!
60 minutes...
Sami-Jo: Look at all the wounded! (still hugging Kid)
70 minutes...
Liz: Best movie ever!
Patty: When will she get over that guy?!
80 minutes...
We'll have to cut off your leg.
No! Please no! AHHH! NO! NO! NO!
Crona: Why are they showing getting his leg cut off?! (hiding his head behind Ciara)
Ciara: (covering eyes) Last time we let Kid chose.
Caroline: Wait, so that girl Scarlett is married to the dude who is getting his leg cut off?! When did that happen?!
90 minutes...
Patty: (scared for life) Can we stop the movie now?
Kid and Liz: No!
100 minutes....
Caroline: Intermission finally!
Sami-Jo: This moive is so scary.
Kid: (hugs her) Don't worry you got me here to keep you safe!
Sami-Jo: Thanks... (snuggles)
Caroline: I'm gonna kill Kid for making us watch this just for that he could snuggle with Sam!
Liz: No! No! If you just watch the rest of it you'll love it!
Near the end of the movie....
Liz and the movie: Frankly my dear, I don't gave a damn.
Caroline: OH. MY. GOD! (slams head on the back of her chair) WORST MOVIE IN THE WORLD!
Ciara, Crona, and Patty: I'm scared for life. (shivers)
Kid and Sami-Jo: (snuggling)
Caroline: Why I otta! (stands up)
(big white hands come out of no where and hold Caroline)
Shinigami-Sama: No! (half way out of the mirror)
Caroline: Ah! (turns around) Oh.
Liz: what are you doing here?
Shinigami-Sama: Oh! I just love this moive! (looks over at Kid and Sami-Jo) It was such a good one huh Kid? (lets go of Caroline and pulls Sami-Jo and Kid apart)
Kid: Huh? What?
Shinigami-Sama: How was the moive?
Kid: Great! (smiles)
Shinigami-Sama: What was the name of the main charcter?
Kid: Sara?
Shinigami-Sama: Go ahead Caroline.
Caroline: Thanks. (tackles Kid and pounds him with a pillow)
In the present....
Kid: (walks out of his room) Morning guys! (yawns)
Liz, Ciara, and Sami-Jo: AH!!! (hides behind each other)
Kid: What?
Liz: W-who are you?
Kid: I'm Kid hello?
Sami-Jo: Then how come you weren't up at 6:00? (points at him)
Kid: Well, we were up late last night and I slept in till 11:11! Ah, perfect symmetry on my digital clock. (smiles)
Ciara: All clear. (comes out behind Sami-Jo)
Okay! If I feel like it I'm gonna add extras to each chapter! Like this one! It's called Double Date Fail:
Sami-Jo: (walking while holding Kid's hand) Well that moive was good wasn't it?
Kid: (smiles) Yeah. Crona, Ciara, did you guys like it?
Ciara: I loved it!
Crona: It was okay. (looks at Sami-Jo and Kid holding hands) (thinking) Maybe, I should... (grabs Ciara's hand gently)
Ciara: (blushes than looks at Crona and gives a big smile)
Kid: I found that the main charcter was great! The way he cleaned his house and kept everything in tack!
Sami-Jo: No wonder.
Kid: He reminds me of someone tho. (stops walking and lets go of Sami-Jo's hand) Hold on I gotta think. (goes into a deep state of thought)
Ciara: (holds back laughter) He looks so stupid.
Boy 1: Look at my new boomarang! (holds a heavy wood boomarang)
Boy 2: It's awesome! Does it work?
Boy 1: Duh! (throws it)
Kid: Hum.... (boomarang coming toward him)
Boy 1 and 2: Mister watch out! (runs toward Kid)
Kid: Huh? (gets knocked out by the boomarang and falls over)
Sami-Jo: Kid!
Boy 1: (catches boomarang) Opps, sorry.
Crona: Wow, he's knocked out cold by just that. (leans over him)
Ciara and Sami-Jo: Yeah. (leans over him too)
Boy 2: (whispers) Come on! (grabs the other boy's hand and runs away)
Kid: (opens his eyes) What happened? (looks at Crona) Well, you're cute aren't you? (smiles and stands up)
Crona: (blushes) What?!
Kid: I'm, well, I don't know, but that doesn't matter. (kisses Crona's hand)
Crona: (frozen with fear)
Ciara: Uh...
Sami-Jo: (squeals) Oh my gosh! That is just so hot! (nose bleed)
Ciara: Sicko! (hits Sami-Jo)
Crona: Ah! (trys to run away)
Kid: (hugs Crona) Aw, my little flower why are you trying to leave me? (kisses his cheek)
Sami-Jo: (snaps out of it) Okay! Far enough!
Ciara: (runs into a store and comes out with two frying pans) Here. (hands Sami-Jo one)
Crona: Get him off!
Sami-Jo and Ciara: (holds up frying pans) HE. NEEDS. TO. BE. HIT. AGAIN!!!!!!! (hits Kid over and over with the frying pans)
Crona: Oh, thank God. (puts his hand on his heart and relaxes)
Kid: Ow! (knocks out again)
Sami-Jo: Please. (drops frying pans and crosses fingers)
Kid: (wakes up) What happened? (rubs head)
Ciara: Do you think Crona's hot?
Kid: What?! That's sick!
Sami-Jo: Yay! (hugs Kid)
Kid: Uh, okay. Why? What happened?
Crona: Forget it!
Kid: But-
Ciara, Crona, and Sami-Jo: No!
Kid: Okay.... Whatever. (hugs Sami-Jo again)

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