The Sun is Violet - Liam Payne Love Story

HELLO DIRECTIONERS :) and other loyal readers of mine! so, i have a great idea for this story, and im sorry because all my stories somehow include tragedy...i swear i will write one that does not involve a huge tragedy!! this is a Liam Payne love story, and eventually i will do a Zayn and Louis and Niall love story too, but i will definitely continue my Harry Styles love story because people might murder me if i dont :)
~ when the going gets tough, love someone ~

Chapter 1

Just the Beginning of Forever...No Big Deal.

Violet Cassidy Stone
age: 19 ------------- birthday: June 7th, 1994
lives in: America ------- Sibling: Chloe (9 years old, has ADPKD a type of inherited kidney diseas, adopted from Thailand.)
parents: Biological dad and step-mom. real mom lives in Georgia.
dads job: volunteer firefighter --- Step-moms job: librarian --- bio moms job: book author
violets appearance: blonde hair with a violet streak in it, dark blue eyes with gold in the middle, 5'6" in hieght, skinny with really long legs.
(violets hair):
(violets looks):

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ (Violets Outfit)

i can't believe i finally get to go home soon. im so tired, i havent slept a wink in 2 days straight. i've been living off sandwiches and water bottles while sleeping in a tent. a tent! not that my actual house is much bigger, but my real bed is way comfier. and i can't believe i have to go in looking like this! no make up, crazy curly hair, and wrinkled clothes. at least my clothes were comfortable i thought to myself as i packed up my stuff. i left my backpack and tent hidden behind a dumpster in an alley close to the music place. i wasn't worried about someone stealing my sweat pants, big t-shirts, and sleeping bag. no biggie. all that matters now is getting chloe's signatures.

yeah, i've been sleeping on the sidewalk for 2 days and it's all to get my little sister some bands autograph. but its not just some band, its the famous one direction, British sensation that is slowly taking over america. sure, the boys are cute. And, okay, their music is good. but not good enough to sleep outside for, in the end of fall, in Oregon! but my little sister is 9, and a huge fan of the band (especially Liam). She couldn't be here today. not for the normal reasons, such as: school, sports practice, or a doctors appointment. my little sister is in the hospital, with a life threatening genetic kidney disease. your probably wondering why i dont have the disease since its genetic, and im her sister. that's because she was adopted, 8 and a half years ago, from a really poor town in Thailand.

i picked up my phone, after dropping it on the ground for the 702nd time. its really old and doesn't really work, but my dad and step-mom, Jenny, can't afford to buy me a new one because of Chloe's medical bills. i sent a text to Jenny, telling her i was only an hour from getting the autographs and hopefully being at the hospital soon. i rubbed the eternity ring that matched Chloe's, both engraved with the words i love you on the inside. i spent 2 years saving up for those rings, just for chloe's birthday.

after an hour passed, and i was getting extremely irritated by all the screaming girls, i finally reached the table. i had them all sign the one shirt, and saved the other one for only Liam. it was the one with his Polaroid picture on it, and his signature. they all signed the first, with a giant i heart 1D on it. and then i reached Liam. "Liam, can you sign this shirt, its for my sister. and please read this." i said and handed him the note i had written, explaining my sisters situation and asking him to come and see her tonight. he wrote her a note on the shirt, and then talked to a body guard. the guard then asked me to follow him, and i was scared i had done something wrong. he led me to a room, and told me not to leave, no matter how long it takes. he also pointed out the bathroom in case i had to go. i quickly went outside to grab my backpack, and came back through the door i had propped open when leaving. i grabbed my toothbrush and re-brushed my teeth. it was so nice to have an actual bathroom again! (i had been using the cafe's across the street).

It's been 6 hours. it's almost 7 o'clock and i havent eaten since 10 this morning. im starving, tired, and bored. i had called Jenny to explain what happened, and told her not to worry. she promised not to tell Dad, knowing he would have the entire fire department swarming the place to get me out. he was probably here already, making sure the regulations weren't being broken.
suddenly, the door opened, and Liam walked in behind the body guard. "whats going on? am i in trouble? all i did was give you a note and ask you to sign a shirt! i need to leave to see my sister!" i said. i was pretty upset. "i wanted you to stay, so that you could drive me to the hospital to see your sister. i had a kidney disease as a child, and even though it wasn't as serious as your sisters, i still want to visit her. you said i was her favorite and she wanted to meet me pretty badly?" he asked. "yeah, um...i dont have a car, so i hope you dont mind walking. and i hope you brought a sweatshirt to hide under." i said. he nodded and the security guard said to call him if he had any problems.

so we left the music store, and started walking to the hospital. "why do you have a backpack?" he asked me. "i slept on the sidewalk for 2 days, so i could get the autographs for Chloe. she has surgery tomorrow, and there is a good chance she wont make it. of course, they've been saying that since she was 2." i said. "so why dont you have the disease? you said it was genetic." he asked. "Chloe was adopted from Thailand. we dont know who her real parents are. my step-mom, Jenny, really wanted a child of her own, but she could not have kids. so they adopted." i said. "oh." he said. there was an awkward silence. "you can't even imagine how much this is gonna mean to Chloe, i helped raise her. i was homeschooled all my life, so i could take care of Chloe while my parents worked all the time. "you said that your step-mom couldn't have kids, where is your real mom...if you don't mind my asking." he asked. "Georgia. actually, India. she lives in Georgia, but her book just went international, so she is doing an Indonesian book tour." i said. he nodded. we finally reached the hospital.

i walked up to the front desk, seeing Sarah, my favorite nurse here. she wasn't much older than me, 26 at most, and she was always honest with me. "how is she Sarah?" i asked. "she's not doing so well honey, but i'm sure seeing you will make her feel better, she's been asking for you all day." she said and smiled. so with that, Liam and i walked to Chloe's room, on the pediatrics floor. i knocked and then came in to the room. "hey are you feeling?" i asked her. i went to sit next to her on the bed, and i kissed her forehead. "i'm gonna go get dinner, i haven't eaten in about 9 hours. want something Honey?" Jenny asked Chloe, who shook her head, and then Jenny looked at me. "whatever you have is fine, and some coffee please." i told her and then i whispered in her ear, that Liam was in the hallway. so Jenny left and now it was time for the surprise.

"So, Chloe...whats the one thing you want sooooo bad you freak out if you got?" i asked. she thought for a minute. "one direction, seeing me before i die." she said. i ignored the part about dying. i nodded at Liam, who could just barely see me from the hallway. "look what i brought you." i said and gave her the shirts. she was so happy, her face just lit us, and then Liam walked in. he was so sweet to her, "i'm going to go and play with the other little kids okay? you remember Halley and Jeremiah and Izzy right? i'll let you ask Liam a bunch of questions." i said and silently left the room. she kept asking Liam questions. i was gone for maybe 30 minutes, before going back.

"i'm sorry Chloe but i have to go now, i need to be home by midnight or i might lose my job." he said. "oh no! you should go then. Liam will you do me a favor?" she asked him. she sounded so quiet, so frail. "sure Chloe, what is it?" he asked. "Violet says i'm not supposed to say im gonna die, but i know i am. when i die, can you make Violet happy again? she hasn't been happy in a long time." she said. my hand flew to my mouth to muffle the sob that came from within. "of course Chloe, Violet will be happy again, with some time. and remember, keep strong, keep fighting, and keep loving." he said. he kissed her forehead and exited the room. when he came out of the room he saw me, i had my back to the wall, and my hands over my mouth, sobbing uncontrollably. "Violet?" he asked. i nodded my head. he just came over and hugged me. we stood there for a while, until i finally calmed down. soon Jenny came back but i told her i was going to drive Liam to his hotel, go home and change, and then come back to spend the night here so she could get a good nights sleep....

TBC(: i know the first chapter is like....super traumatic, and the next 2 will be as well, but after that, it will be better i promise :) i hope y'all like it and leave comments so i know to continue it!

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