Mine (Loki love story)

Gabriella is a normal teenage girl who lives like any other teen. But when the god of mischief falls in love with her and takes her away... What will she do?

Chapter 1

Mine for the Taking

" Gabriella.... Gabriella.... Gabriella..." someone behind whispered

" who goes there?? Who are you?? Leave me alone!!!" I screamed into the darkness

" my dear Gabriella.... Come to me... Come to your Loki..."

" LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" I screamed once more and ran into the dark... away from the voice that called me so...

" you can run... But you can't hide my dearest Gabriella..." he spoke and I ran away from the voice...

" where am I!! Where am I going!!! Who is Loki!!" my thoughts were racing in circles and I felt like I was going to explode from all the stress. I couldn't see a damn thing... No light shone through this dark forbidden place...

" come little Gabriella... Come with me... Safe and happy you will be.." he whispered in tune and I froze.... His voice made me stiff and frozen.... Like he had control of my body

" away from your home..., now let me take you... With Loki, we'll have so much fun.." the voice came closer... Fading in and out. Each time being louder and more subtle. I began to shake with fear and felt tears swell up in the corners of my eyes

" oh little Gabriella... Please don't cry... Loki wouldn't hurt a fly.. Come down with me.... And let me hold you in my arms.." I felt the cold chill up my back which made the hairs all over my body stand up and I felt something touch me... I tried to move away from it but it held me tight.... Then I noticed two arms wrapped around my waist and the voice was now by my ear

" oh little Gabriella please don't squirm... My arms, I know, will keep you firm.." he purred into my ear and I weeped silently hoping it would end...

" oh Gabriella... You mustn't leave my arms... I will grieve for you and will be filled with rage if you leave me.." he whispered again and I felt his hands travel all over my body... Paralyzingly me with his icy touch...

" and if I find you your mind will unravel at the seams... Allowing me to haunt your dreams."

" please...let...me...go.." I stuttered

" hahahaha.... But surely you must know that i will take your sweet innocence.... Oh little Gabriella you won't be so clever... Now you shall stay with me forever!!!" he pulled me further into the dark and covered his hand over my mouth.... Keeping me from screaming...

I woke up in cold beating sweat and my heart racing out my chest...

" oh... Thank... God... It was... Just... A dream." I spoke breathless and looked at my clock. It was only 11:30 and I rolled my eyes

" great... Now I'll never sleep..." I said.

I got out of bed and went straight to the bathroom to wash off my sweat and cool down from the nightmare. This was the 10th time this has happened to me..... And I'm sick of being tortured in my sleep. This man... who he calls himself Loki has never left me alone..... It's the same man every nightmare..  I don't know what he wants... I don't know why he is haunting my dreams... But I want this to end!!! I am so frustrated!!! I looked at myself in the mirror and hit the glass which made the mirror crack and break into pieces before me.... My reflection made me sick... I had bags under my eyes.. My eyes were splotched red and pink... My face pale and beaten from fear.. And my once curly light golden brown hair was now dark from the sweat...

" just give me what I want.." I heard the voice again....

"...... No!!! No!!!! I must be dreaming!!! WAKE UP!!" I told myself

" you know what I want..." he voice was close

" where are you!!! Come into the light!!! Let me see you!!" I yelled and grabbed the sharpest piece of glass I could find

" hehehe... Don't play coy with me gabriella...."

The shard of glass in my hand flew out of my grasp and onto the floor... I looked towards the open bathroom door and heard slowly footsteps approach me... I backed up to the wall... Waiting.

" THUD...THUD...THUD." the footsteps came quickly and subtle. Then came to a sudden halt. A foot was now into the light... Then a whole leg... Then a body stepped inside

" don't fear me my love..." he whispered and his whole body was now into the light. He was very tall.... Almost like a giant. He had long black hair which made him look menacing.... And his face features gave me chills... He was very lean with some muscle... But was skinny overall. I shook with anxiety and fear... Wondering what does he want with me

" you shake with fear my dear... Do I frighten you.." he asked

" nnn..nn.No" I stuttered again

" hehehe.... You're frightened of me... Hehehe. Makes me want you even more than ever." he pinned me up against the wall and was only centimeters away from my face

" What do you want!!!" I cried. He grinned and began to touch my body

" what I've always wanted.... You.." he whispered

" www...what!!!"

" I want you to be my slave... All mine... Forever." he purred

" NO!!! Let go of me!!" I pushed him off and he pinned up against the wall harder

" I'm taking you with me... Whether you like it our not... You are mine and mine alone... Do you understand?" he looked me in the eyes and I stared at them. Without me giving an answer he threw me behind his back and lifted me off the ground.

" No!!!" I screamed

" too late.. You're mine now.." as he stepped with thru the door.

I kicked and screamed with all my might but he wouldn't budge... As he stepped thru the door the room changed... I wasn't home any more... The room was huge and was covered in gold. Inside the room was a bed that was size of 5 master beds put together... The walls were covered in bookshelves with different colored cover books sprawled all over. There was no windows or anything.... No light... Like the nightmares. Loki set me down onto the floor and held me so I wouldn't run away

" this is my quarters... But now it's ours.. My gabriella..." he said

" ours? I'm not staying here with you..." I protested

" too bad... Don't worry in time you'll learn to love it... And love me." he grinned and kissed my hand

" what are you trying to do!!!"

" I'm trying to make you love me... If you don't now don't worry... You will." he smirked. He let go of me and walked over to he bed and picked up a green gown that was laying there

" here... Take off your clothes..." he handed me the gown and walked over to table with some chairs.

" here??" I said

" of course... I want to see all of you..." he pulled out a seat and walked closer to me...

" no... You're crazy!!! I will not fulfill this task..." I threw the gown at him and he grabbed my wrists

" fine!!! If you don't want to dress yourself... Then I'll do it..." he began to take off my clothes

" NO!!! Stop!!!" I yelled and he looked at me

" I shall give you one more chance then.... Change..." he handed me the dress and I gave up

" fine." I cried. I turned around so I wouldn't face him eye to eye and began to remove my shirt

" no!!! Face me my love.." he spat

" but..."

" no... Face me... If you can not do such a simple task... Then I will be glad to do it myself." he said.

With a few tears running down my face... I faced him and began to take off my shirt... Thank god I had a bra on. I looked at him and he grinned with pleasure... He rubbed his chin and laughed under his breath. I removed my shorts and pushed them aside... I grabbed the gown and pulled it over my head... I could feel Loki's eyes burn right thru me.... I felt disgusted

" there... That wasn't so hard was it?" he said.. I said nothing and he pulled me into his lap

" you know.... With an attitude like that. It will be much harder on you for me to love you and obey me.... A little advice. Do as I say... And you won't get hurt." he whispered and played with my hair

" you're so beautiful my gabriella..... Give me a kiss" he commanded and I looked at him

" excuse me??" I replied

" right on the lips... And if you don't... Well I have other things in mind I could have you do.." he put his hand up all the way up my dress and rubbed my nude skin underneath. I shook as soon as he touched my skin and I looked at him

" please... I don't want to do this... I'm tired." I pleaded

" listen... If you give me a kiss... Then I'll put you to bed and you can rest.... But if you don't... Then me and you will be up all night... With you underneath me... And screaming my name..." he said. I didn't want Loki to touch me any more... So I gave in..
I kissed him and he kissed back... He removed his hand from my thigh and held my waist firmly. He nibbled on my lower lip and grazed his tongue in my mouth... Begging for entrance. I kept my mouth closed and just kissed him on the lips... He pulled away quickly

" open your mouth my dear..." he said and I shook my head

" remember what I said before???"

I thought about it and didn't want him to touch me... I just obeyed and kissed him again... As he pushed his tongue through I opened my mouth and his tongue ventured inside me.... He pulled my head closer to his and moaned In pleasure. I just had to sit there and take it like a man... I have to be strong... I'm gunna fight this!!! He kiss became deeper and more heated. He roamed his hands around my stomach and massaged every curve I had.... The massage did feel really good and I accidentally slipped out a moan.... I could feel him grin against my lips and he pulled away

" good girl.... I see you enjoyed that... Now we can go to bed.." he lifted me in his arms and walked me over to the bed.

He gently dropped me down and his clothes disappeared.... The was almost completely nude... Except he was still in his under wear... He pulled over the sheets and tucked me in while he went on the other side and cuddled up next to me. He put his arms on my waist and held me tightly... He pressed his body close to mine and pushed the hair away from my face and kissed my cheek

" goodnight my Gabriella... Sweet dreams... Sleep well. For tomorrow will be another day for me and you." he whispered and I swallowed hard by his words. I didn't want to know what was in store for me....

I closed my eyes and tried to go to sleep... I couldn't help but feel so violated and the feeling of fear on my back... Just as I was thinking I heard Loki began sing to me

( link to the song: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VcWvBz2v5YY)

" there's such a sad heart...
Deep in your eyes a kind of pale jewel
Open and closes within your eyes...
Within your eyes...
I'll place the sky...
Within your eyes

There is such a fooled heart
Beatin' so fast...
In search of new dreams...
A love that will last...
Within your heart.
I'll place the moon...
Within your heart..

As the pain sweeps through,
Makes no sense for you
Every thrill is gone.
Wasn't too much fun at all...
But I'll be there for you-ou-ou....
As the world falls down...

Falling down...
Falling in love."

His sweet lullaby slowly fastened my sleep.... He kept singing the song until my eye lids drew heavy and sleep was begging on me. Mid way through the song I fell fast asleep.... I felt so relaxed and comfortable ever in my life. I just wanted to sleep forever and never wake up....


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