Save You Tonight (A Zayn Malik Love Story)

Save You Tonight (A Zayn Malik Love Story)

Cassie and Zayn have been bestfriend's since they were two. When her boyfriend Jake comes into the picture and makes her choose between he and Zayn, Cassie chooses her boyfriend. Two years, and some heartbreaks later, she and Zayn see eachother again. Will they forget the past and admit they still love eachother? Or vow never to talk to eachother again?

Chapter 1

Facing the past....

“It feels great to be back home!” I exclaimed, taking in the familiar English skyline.
“I know!” My best friend Lexi agreed, jumping up and down.
I gripped my bag tight and we walked down the street and turned the corner to get to our apartment. A mass crowd of people were surrounding a double Decker bus.
“What’s going on?!” Lexi asked, taking off her sunglasses and taking a closer look.
Immediately I knew what was going on. I knew who was here… and all the memories came flooding back.
“We have to go now.” I said sternly, grabbing a hold of my suitcase.
“he’s here isn’t he?” Lexi questioned, searching for him.
I nodded, her still looking.
“Cassie, you can’t hide forever. Your going to have to face Zayn sooner or later.”
“Yes, but I’d prefer later rather than sooner. Or better yet not at all. Let’s go” I said nudging her, putting on a “hurry up face”.
She refused to move.
“Lexi, C’mon.” I begged, pulling on her arm.
“Nope. I wanna make sure he see’s you.” She smirked.
“Why? Why do you have to be so mean?” I laughed, still trying to move her small frame. What for a small girl, she’s pretty stubborn… dang those kickboxing classes.
“And…. Yup. He saw you.” She nodded successfully, me hiding my body behind her.
“Why do you say that?” I said exasperatedly, peeking my head out.
“The fact that he’s running down the stairs of the bus with a giant smile on his face, and trying to part the sea of fan girls like Moses.”
Her comment made me laugh, the thought of Zayn with a beard and a staff. haha… then I realized he was coming to talk to me
“Hail a cab! Please!” I said waving my hand on the side of the street, hoping for a cab to come save me from my past.
A cab pulled up and I shoved Lexi inside, and threw her bags at her.
“Violent!” She laughed and I got in.
I told him the address, “Step on it please.” I sighed, looking out the window, seeing a familiar gorgeous man break through the sea of fans.
His smile faded into a defeated expression, his hazel eyes finding mine before the cab sped away.
Zayn POV

I smiled at the crowd, waving and returning kisses blown at me.
“Any future Mrs. Malik’s in the crowd, Zayn?” Harry asked, clapping my shoulder.
Niall waggled his eyebrows, and Louis got down on one knee holding his hand out mockingly.
“Ha-Ha very funny Louie.” I glared, and Liam laughed, knocking him over with his foot.
“You’ve gotta find someone mate.” Louis responded, getting up from his current spot on the floor.
We waved at the crowd again, Harry, Louis, and Niall waving weirdly, with ridiculous looks on their faces.
I raised an eyebrow. They were so weird.
As I was looking at them , I saw bronzy hair out of the corner of my eye. I turned, looking at a figure fifty feet away from the bus. I leaned on the rail.
She had long bronze hair in loose curls, with blue-blue eyes, tight skinny jeans, a red jacket and a striped top. How very Louie of her. I looked next to her, a tiny brunette… Lexi? I looked back at the first girl. Yup that’s her. That’s my Cassie. All the memories came flooding back. Painful ones, which I pushed to the back of my head, then the happy ones I always remembered.
I smiled largely, patting louis’ back, and ran down the stairs.
“Where you goin mate?”
“That’s suicide down there!” Liam shouted after me.
“Oh well!” I shouted back, pushing the doors open
I was greeted by screaming, and a whole bunch of touchy fan girls.
“Yes, hi- nice to meet you too, excuse me” I said moving through the crowd trying to get over to Cassie. “Sorry, important business to take care of..”
I finally broke out of the string of girls, and stumbled onto the street. I saw Cassie in the cab, her eyes meeting my intense stare. Those same blue eyes I looked into when I fell in love with my best friend, and the same eyes that broke my heart.
When that cab drove away, I relived the pain of her saying she was going to America with her boyfriend, the guy she asked me for advice for, and that jackass who broke her heart soon after. Her driving away from me, was like her telling me she loved that other guy. A stab in the heart.


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