nothing really important so read on if boredom has over come you

This is for my cousin, mgrace72


Chapter 1

Yesterday i felt like having some mint chocolate chip ice cream and so i got a bowl full. I just sat there just eating it small bite at a time them i mushed it up. I then started to think of football you know with the Olympics here and such so i decided to make a football field out of my ice cream so i did so out of boredom. Some how a thought came to my mind that the little pieces of chocolate should be little people in the stadium. The people screamed and ran as i ate them all, i then noticed that my bowl was empty. I shrugged and went over to the sink and set the bowl down at the bottom and i went down stairs.

Here is an idea to eat your mint chocolate ice cream with imagination next time you sit down ( i just did it out of boredom ).


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