7 Minutes In Heaven And More;)) PART 1

Chapter 1


by: jenjen94
your at school and your freind ashley invites you to her house, she says her parents wont be home, so i should bring Lucy;) i was so excited but nervous and all day i was trying to figure out what we were going to do!!?

when school ended you went home got something to eat and went down to her house:D You go down to her basement and there's three other people down there with Ashley and Lucy.. three other GUYS!! you sit beside your friends and ask them what's going on? Ashley them announces that your playing seven minutes in heaven!!

you start to freak out you've never even kissed a boy!!! liam, adam and john all throw in there items in the hat liam puts in a Miami bracelet, adam puts in a pendant necklace and john puts in a ring. and obviously you go FIRST! you pick out a Miami bracelet and liam smiles at you:D

your shaking.. you go in and liam asks if your scared, you say yes. he just smirks and says don't worry ill be gentle, he dives in for a kiss, you kiss him back but don't know if your doing it right so you copy him. he puts his tongue deep in your mouth and starts to touch you. he them unexpectedly takes of your top and kisses your body. you take of his top and your feeling a bit comfortable:) he unhooks your bra and sucks on your t1ts til there red you moan loud, he squeezes them and licks them. you kiss him all over his body and lick him. your frends shout ur 7 minutes are over.he tells you hes always wanted to do that to you and that hed always loved you:o

you walk out holding hands.. ur frends stare at u and you just wink at them!!;)

the next day at school liam comes to your locker and gives you a note it says
meet me at my house my parents are gone for the weekend;)). you shiver you wonder what going to happen. when school ends you call your parents and tell them your going to a friends house , they tell you to have fun:) and you think to yourself and say that's what in afraid of. .

you go to liams house and knock on the door he tells you to come in.. he then tells you to follow him in to his bedroom... your starting to have second thoughts but go up so you don't seem rude... you sit on his bed he kisses you on the cheek and you kiss on the lips. he pushes you over:D he pauses and then starts tickling you!;) you pull him in and French kiss him! he looks at you and tells you he loves you:) you laugh and then wrap your legs around him. he takes of your top and your bra.. he kisses you all over and gives you a hckey;3 you try to hold it in but cant help it and you let out a moan really really loud!! he laughs!you take off his top and just look a his fit body you feel him all over-

and then put your hands Down His pants. you look at him, and then he asks are you ready?? you say yes.. he runs to the bathroom and gets the cond-m. he struggles with it, you take it off him you pull down his pants open up the cond-m and give him a handj-b and a blowj-b!! until his d
ck is hard and then you put the cond-m on him!.you jump on him, wiggle around, and then he puts his dck into you!! you started making sounds it felt so good! yelled put it in deeper, harder harder!!! , comon put it in me!! you have sx for hours!! your so tired you cant move and decide to stay the night:O



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