Born to Die~ A story for IceCreamAndSprinkles (Head_Heart_HP) and her contest

Born to Die~ A story for IceCreamAndSprinkles (Head_Heart_HP) and her contest

Seph Willow is a Greek Goddess wanting pure freedom. She wants to run away from her life and most-of-all, run from her protective mother. She finally finds a retreat-- her own personal garden. She goes there everyday, until one day, she finds a man watching her. Hades, Lord of the Underworld, captures her and brings her down to Hell.

Read this retelling of the most well-known Greek love story of all time.

Chapter 4

They'll tell me that you're mine

The words sink into her skin, penetrating the last inch of hope. No god or goddess would willingly come down here just to save her. In Olympus, she was only known for helping her mother. No one would even recognize that she has gone. Her hands are still attatched to the gate bars and she looks out at the nothingness-- the nothingness that symbolizes the lack of hope.

"What is there to do now?" Seph's voice whispers, as if she can't bear to hear herself speak. She forces herself to break away from the gate and looks at her kidnapper.

"You need a place to live, don't you?" She pauses, but nods because she doesn't want to stay on the outside with the dead. He holds out his hand for her to take and she reaches out to grab it. One blink later, she finds herself holding hands with Hades in a castle beyond her wildest imaginations.

The floor is tiled and sleek, the color of midnight. The dome-shaped ceiling makes the area seem larger and less packed. The walls are a dim gray that remind Seph of the rainy skies. No building on Olympus was this dreary and lifeless, but for some reason, she likes the difference. Hades leads her through a hallway and they come to a white door, the only white she has seen thus far.

Hades releases her hand and places both of his hands on the door. Subsequently, he puts his hand on the handle and opens the door. She sharply draws in a breath when she sees an exact replica of her garden.

"Is this mine?" Seph asks, a slight smile forming on her face. A bird flutters out of the room and onto her shoulder. She lets the raven give a peck on her cheek, making her giggle with happiness.

"It's all your's." Her teeth grin out of her small smile and she turns towards Hades and gives him a hug. He places a hand on her back and she pulls back for his frigid touch gave her chills.

"Thank you," she praises him and walks in the room. She takes off her sandals and feels her feet tingle in the cold grass. Hades coughs, causing her to spin around and look at him.

"I need to go and, well, do my job. Do you think you will be all right staying here?"

"As long as all of this is still mine, I will be perfectly pleasant." He nods, but continues to watch her. Seph ignores this and walks over to her willow tree. After sitting against it, she turns to look at the door. It is closed and Hades is gone.

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