Born to Die~ A story for IceCreamAndSprinkles (Head_Heart_HP) and her contest

Born to Die~ A story for IceCreamAndSprinkles (Head_Heart_HP) and her contest

Seph Willow is a Greek Goddess wanting pure freedom. She wants to run away from her life and most-of-all, run from her protective mother. She finally finds a retreat-- her own personal garden. She goes there everyday, until one day, she finds a man watching her. Hades, Lord of the Underworld, captures her and brings her down to Hell.

Read this retelling of the most well-known Greek love story of all time.

Chapter 2

All my heart, it breaks every step that I take

Seph's breath gets heavier and heavier. The pain makes it feel as if her heart is breaking inside her. She looks back and sees that Hades is still behind her, coming even closer. The turning back was a mistake. Her foot trips over an extended root of her own willow tree.

Her own garden has betrayed her. She tumbles and hits the ground hard, hearing a painful crack resound in her foot. Seph winces in pain and her eyes flit up to see Hades slow his pace. He looks down at her and views her with compassion.

"You're hurt," he observes and bends down. Seph reflexes backwards, away from the man who caused this to happen to her in the first place. "Let me help you," he says, offering her his hand. Seph coughs and begins to tear up. She is terrified by his presence and is upset about how close he is to her.

"Leave me alone!" She bemoans. She gasps, intaking a fast breath, when she finds pain and sorrow in his eyes. Immediately, she feels regret, but doesn't give in. She turns her head to the side, not willing to keep contact with his eyes. "I want you to leave. I'm fine." The reject hurts him, but she doesn't want to leave with him.

"You are hurt and I want to help you. Let me help you, then I will leave you alone." She smashes her lips together and looks at Hades.

"I..." She looks at his drawn out arm. Seph lightly grazes her fingers along his palm and he helps her up. He holds onto her waist, stabalizing her and she looks up at him. The black in his eyes seems to swirl. She leans closer to further examine it. She's never seen that happen to anyone's eyes before.

Cold. Her lips freeze and she snaps out of his alluring eyes. The brush causes her lips to tingle with sensation. She quickly pulls back when she realizes that she has kissed him back.

But it has become too late. The scenery around her falls apart, dimming to a dark and morbid shade. Her eyes blink again and when she opens them, she discovers herself in the depths of Hell.

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