Born to Die~ A story for IceCreamAndSprinkles (Head_Heart_HP) and her contest

Born to Die~ A story for IceCreamAndSprinkles (Head_Heart_HP) and her contest

Seph Willow is a Greek Goddess wanting pure freedom. She wants to run away from her life and most-of-all, run from her protective mother. She finally finds a retreat-- her own personal garden. She goes there everyday, until one day, she finds a man watching her. Hades, Lord of the Underworld, captures her and brings her down to Hell.

Read this retelling of the most well-known Greek love story of all time.

Chapter 1

Feet don't fail me now, take me to the finish line

The man is mysterious and sinister. His angled face is enhanced with his midnight black hair and razor-sharp teeth. His complexion is as pale as withered flowers and his lips are as red as blood. Everything around him seems to rot and die. There's no doubt that everything about him spells out evil.

She pretends to ignore him, but she can tell that he is watching her. Not just watching... staring. She starts to pull the petals out of the flower, counting the numbers in her head.

He doesn't move. His red-rimmed eyes glare into the depths of her skin and Seph is completely frightened. How did this man get into her garden? Not even her mother knows of the place she wanders to everyday. All she wants is freedom, but now that this stranger has found her, she can't be alone.

She takes a deep breath. She knows what she must do, even if she is completely horrified. Her head rises and her dark green eyes meet his black and red binded eyes. His scowl changes into a smile. Men like that should never smile. She hurries onto her feet and moves back, away from the man.

Her back reaches a tree-- the old and lonely willow tree in her garden. She blinks and a second later, he miraculously appears in front of her. His hand is pushed against the tree and his face is inches away from hers. Seph whimpers in fear.

"Hello," the man's menacing voice whispers.

"Hi," Seph breathes out. She gathers the courage and clears her throat. "Why are you in my garden?"

"I've come to see you, dear." The added-on word makes her head shrink into her shoulders.

"And why have you done that?" her voice squeaks. He removes the hand placed on the trunk and sits on her grass. The green beneath and around him turns brown.

"Because I have fallen in love with a Goddess." Seph sits in front of him and watches him watch her.

"Well, you've come to the wrong place. Aphy doesn't even know of this place," Seph informs him. Aphrodite is her best friend, but Seph just wants her peace and quiet. The man chuckles.

"I'm not looking for Aphrodite. I've come in search of you. Pleased to meet you Persephone, I am the Lord Hades." No one has called her Persephone, besides her mother, since she was born. She flinches at her full name.

"Seph," she corrects him and stands onto her two feet, "I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to leave now. My mother told me about you and she wouldn't like me talking to you."

"I'm sorry, but I just can't do that. Your face and your heart are too beautiful to stay away from." Seph's cheeks blush, but she backs away from him.

"If you don't leave, I will have to leave. But, I don't want you ever coming back. This is my place and my place alone." She turns around and is about to walk away when a cold hand grabs her ankle. Seph shrieks and struggles to release her foot.

"I won't need to come back tomorrow if I take what I need today." Hades releases Seph's foot, for some reason, and Seph automatically runs.

Hermes! She calls in her mind. Hermes, please help me!! When she gets no response, she tries to call out to her mother.

No response. She rushes around the garden, trying to find the exit that she has memorized by heart. Strangely, it's not where it usually is. Her heart beats faster and she picks up her pace.

Feet don't fail me now, take me to the finish line!!

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