Sorry, I had to write this...It's how I feel about today...

Chapter 1


Today, my father is getting married. To a woman that I strongly dislike. Her name is Valerie, which I think is such a pretty feminine name, but she looks like a man. She has long, dark, dry hair, high cheekbones, and a pointy nose and chin. She has huge thighs with lots of cellulite...and she's only 35. I don't know what to think. When we were younger, my parents promised us that if they ever got divorced, they'd never remarry. And now here we are...The scary part is, my father only dated her for a month. And I remember when he told me he proposed, I remember the exact date. It was February 11, 2012. I was at a school dance. It was around 9:30 when I decided to check my phone...and there was the text message. It read: Julia, I hope you're having a fun time at the dance! Oh yeah, and I wanted to tell you that I proposed to Valerie today and she said yes. You should've seen my face when I read that...I showed all my friends the text and they flipped out along with me. I was thinking to myself, Dad, why did you just go and ruin my night? You couldn't tell me tomorrow?! I eventually forgot that they were going to get married, until when I went to visit him in July...then he reminded all of us....he's like "Guys, Me and Valerie are getting married on August 3rd, then we're going to Myrtle beach on our honeymoon." So, my dear quibblo friends, if you happen to be or are going to Myrtle beach within this week, you might see my father...and the feman. (I came up with that word, it's a combo of female and man!) It all seems so unreal to me...


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