70s Hits for Oldies

Okay, I made this list entirely by myself! Yeah, it's short and pretty bad, so don't complain. Oddly enough, some songs were already geared towards the elderly, so I couldn't manipulate them!

Chapter 1

I Tried...

The Who:
Won't Be Schooled Again

The Bee Gees:
(Somehow) Stayin' Alive

Dentures:More Than A Filling

Lou Reed:
Walk on the Child Side (How We Miss the Day)

Bob Dylan:
Tangled Up in Denture Glue

Blue Oyster Cult:
(Steer Clear Of) The Reaper

The Ramones:
I Wanna Be Medicated

The Doors:
Writers on the (AARP) Form

The Sex Pistols:
God Save My Spleen

Paul McCartney:
Maybe I'm Crazed (Asylum Edition)

Who'll Stop the Pain

Pink Floyd:
Another Slip in the Stall, Part 2


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