My Ten Yr Old Sister Just Got Bullied Because of Cancer.

Not even funny.

Chapter 1

My sister :'(

Hey. So I have a ten year old sister with cancer. I love her to death. But some fvcked up college kids called her "peanut shiit"
because her skin is that color...and she has cancer. SHE'S TEN!! Seriously!!
They said she was a wh0re who didn't have tiits.

Insanely rude, and mean, and terrible. So these four bullies came over to me and tried to touch my as.s, but one of them was rubbing my sisters head.
This was at the freakin mall.
And everyone saw us...and no one did anything.

And it's not like people didn't see us...they did. I had to call for help and some guy from Starbucks broke it up.
My sister is so deptessed right's not even funny.

Isn't that shiit!!!!! Seriously!!!!

Okay so this is my rant.....sorry. Bye luv you :'(



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