Anime/Manga Recommendations

I will be talking about all the anime/mangas I read/watch. I will put what it's about and I'll write my reviews on it then how highly I recommend it, rating from 1-5.

Chapter 1

Fruits Basket (Anime & Manga)

Fruits Basket or Furuba is a completed Shojo Manga series which tells the story of Tohru Honda, an orphan girl who learns the secret of the school's famous "Prince" Yuki Sohma's family.

Before the story takes place Tohru lived with her mother but had to move in with her grandfather after her mother had died from a tragic car accident. She then begins living in a tent on the Sohma's property, without her knowledge, due to her grandfather's house being renovated which is where the story begins.

She officially meets the school's "Prince" Yuki and his cousins, Shigure and Kyo in which not long after that, she learns of the family's curse. 13 of them are possessed by the animals of the Chinese Zodiac, plus the cat. Whenever they are embraced by the opposite sex or when their bodies are under too much stress, they transform into their animal forms.

Once Tohru learns of their secret she promises to not tell anyone and is allowed to live with them. The story then follows Tohru as she tries to understand what exactly is the Sohma curse; finding that it is a lot more deeper, darker and complicated than what it seems, and her journey to break it.

~It's a really great read. It has comedy, romance, drama and a bit of action that is enough to satisfy. I recommend reading it since there's only 26 episodes in the anime which doesn't even tell half of the story but I still do recommend watching it too. The anime follows fairly close to the manga and it's nice to watch everything come into play. Also if you love twists and trying to figure things out, this would be a great read. There are plenty of twists that will have you gaping at the book/screen in shock or amazement. Also there are other small plot lines for other characters besides the main ones. One of the main values the story teaches and stresses a lot that I love is Learning how to accept yourself and love you for who you are.

Rating: 5

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