Yeah...Umm... for whoever cares.

This is for the people who I've known very well and I think that they will read this thouroughly. Those people are: Linde
and iHeartPotterTheBeatles.
If there are others of you that would do the same, then I'm sorry I didn't mention you, because I might not know you that well.

Chapter 1

So the thing is...

I'm leaving on the 3rd of August, which is tomorrow. At around 9:00 so you have all the morning in Kuwait, which might be Night in America or somewhere around there. Just message me and if I don't answer for a few days, then I've left. If I do answer then It's morning. To where I'm going, I can use the internet for like only a few moments, because the internet keeps on going away occasionally. So...yeah. I don't know if the Night/Day bit is confusing to you, but it's confusing to me. So I also want to say that I don't care if you don't really miss me. But I'll truly love you if you did and I know that I will never forget those three who are mentioned in the Introduction. They are the most extreme authors -maybe they don't have my love, as high as my Queen (J.K. Rowling)-anywhere found (mostly on Quibblo-but you know :P). Yeah, I won't ever forget them and their stories. Like I don't forget Joanne Kathleen Rowling and Rick Riordan, The Harry Potter Series and The Percy Jackson Series...Yeah. Love you all! Hope I see your messages on my inbox on the day I come back-September the first, by the way, if you care that I return or not. final word is...BYE! <3


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