Veronica Faust~ an original story

Veronica Faust is an average girl... or so she thinks. She is about to be killed when she uses her powers to save herself. She would've let it go, if she didn't run into another murderer. Saved by one like her, she is brought to his family to discover who she truly is.

Once discovered that she is an Elemental, her powers grow stronger. However, now a large group of Elementals are coming after her power over all elements. With the help of the Reynolds family, can she make it out alive?

Chapter 8

"This council meeting is now in session. As promised, Cian, you may speak first on your very important situation." The head council member smirks and takes a seat. Cian Yate stands gracefully, yet also with complete arrogance.

He knows that no one in the SN Council respects him. They can't help but mock him for his short stature and high self esteem. They always compare him to his handsome and more social half-brother, Theo, even after he ran away and disgraced the family name. That's why this situation is so important. With this girl's powers, he will be able to gain the respect that he deserves for his abilities. With the girl, he will be able to head the entire SN Council and have the authority to boss around all of those that made fun of his small size of 4'6". With complete control of all the elements, he will be able to bring the both worlds-- supernatural and mortal --to their revolutionary downfall.

"I have recently discovered an Elemental with power over all elements. According to the Elemental's Handbook of Rules, all Elementals with such power must be eliminated before birth. Which is why I ask for the help of the council to find this girl and bring her to me for a further interrogation." Katherine Reynolds clears her throat, covering up the laugh in her voice. Cian glares at her with his flaring eyes while she speaks up.

"Pray tell, how did you not discover such a powerful Elemental beforehand, since your powers are so extraordinary?" The mockery in her voice makes him want to burn her to her death, but he keeps his warm hands clamped to his sides.

"Her birth father was discovered dead last week. With him was his journal, in which he wrote about his daughter, giving us evidence of her existence. Oh, wait. Aren't you already supposed to know that because of your overpowerful Finder's gift?" Katherine hastily stands to her feet, angered by his remark, but her husband pulls her back into a sitting position.

"Do you even know the names of these elementals that you speak so negatively about? Or do expect us to find this girl without that information before she finds and destroys you?" Peter Reynolds asks, leaning fowards in his seat for a response. Cian scowls at Peter's cocky grin, but once again responds to the questions.

"The father's name is Theo." After that name, the room bursts in sudden chatter about his long-lost brother, but is silenced by the slamming hand of the head council member, Greg Summers. They then all look at Cian for the name of his daughter. "The girl I am looking for is Veronica Faust."

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