Veronica Faust~ an original story

Veronica Faust is an average girl... or so she thinks. She is about to be killed when she uses her powers to save herself. She would've let it go, if she didn't run into another murderer. Saved by one like her, she is brought to his family to discover who she truly is.

Once discovered that she is an Elemental, her powers grow stronger. However, now a large group of Elementals are coming after her power over all elements. With the help of the Reynolds family, can she make it out alive?

Chapter 3

Veronica sinks to the floor and wraps her arms around her knees. She bites back her screams and watches the boy, Lucas, sit down next to her. He places a hand on her shoulder and she flinches, turning away from him. Instantly, she regrets it and lies her head back. She didn't mean to be rude to Lucas, he was only trying to help calm down her tremblings.

"I'm sorry," Veronica apologizes, "it's just... I lost all my family now." She releases her legs and they spread out on the floor as she raises her hand to her forehead. For some reason, her head has started buzzing in pain since she left the Starbucks. He seems to notice it and he smiles. Dimples are dipped in the sides of his cheeks.

"You can feel it, can't you?"

"You mean the stabbing pain in my forehead. Yes, it's hard not to feel that." Veronica's lips turn up, even if she didn't try to smile. She sniffs in her mucus and accidentally smells the bitter scent of blood. She swallows the gag feeling in her throat.

"It happens whenever you pull a stunt on someone. Like on the hobo." His voice seems to be very careful when saying this. Veronica looks at him abnormally. He knows. He was able to see her freeze the man. If he knew the answer to the headache, he must know more!

"What am I?" she asks directly. "I mean, what are we?" He nods, glad that she is catching on.

"We are Elementals. In other words, we are people who have the supernatural talent to control the four elements of the world."

"Fire, earth, air, and water," Veronica tells herself, but says out loud.

"Correct. That's how you froze the man. You froze the water around him and he froze with it." Veronica doesn't believe him. It's completely ridiculous how anyone would be able to believe this. He appears to believe what he is saying, too. Despite her doubt, she continues to ask him questions.

"How did I do that?"

"Most untrained supernaturals expose their unique powers through fear. When you are trained, you can summon your powers whenever you like and make them disappear as well. You will be able to control your power." She leans her head on her mom's dresser and watches him carefully.

"Do you actually believe this?" she asks him honestly and Lucas becomes disheartened.

"Yes!" he announces, stubbornly. She begins to laugh. There is no way that this is possible, but his voice is so sincere and warming. Lucas stands and Veronica becomes worried that he is going to leave her. She has become used to his presence.

"Don't leave," Veronica pleads, regretting making fun of his beliefs.

"I'm not going to, but I will show you what I am talking about." His hands tighten into fists, but she doesn't concentrate on that as much. His sun freckles are not just brightening his face, but are sparking in the faint light. Extra light attracts her attention and she looks down at his hands.

Fire. The bright flames hover over his hands and she hears someone gasp. She realizes that it is herself.

"My father is a Fire Elemental. My mother is an Earth Elemtental and she is also a Protector." She gives him a curious look.


"There are more than supernaturals than just us Elementals. My grandfather was a Protector. Protectors have the ability to hide things, including themselves."

"So... Protectors have the superpower of invisibility?" He nods. Veronica's eyes then widen with realization. "You hid the frozen body from other's! That's why when I looked around..." She gasps, horrified by a second thought. "You made yourself invisble from me and followed me home!" Her fear returns. What if he wants to kill her just like Valentina?

"I don't want to hurt you. I already told you that!" he says, seeming to have suspected her distress. She finds truth in his voice and relaxes.

"Do your freckles always gleam like they did when you produced the fire?" Lucas nods.

"I realized what you were when your blue eyes shined when you froze the man."

"So I am a Water Elemental?" He nods slowly.

"You are, but your powers are strong. I sense that you have more than one power. Do you know what your parents powers were?" Veronica's mood slightly becomes worse when she remembers that her mother's dead body is in the room.

"I don't know what my father had, but my mom never showed any sign of abnormalty. Well, besides her depression... but definitely no power." Veronica pauses and her eyebrows crease. She tells then tells Lucas what she is thinking, "Yet, my mom always seemed calmer when she was near water." The boy smiles and nods, understanding.

"She was a Water Elemental. The depression probably weakened her powers." He pauses before continuing. "What happened to your dad?"

"He left before I was born. Never knew him." He sighs and scratches his blond hair.

"In order to discover who you truly are, you need to train. Do you..." He hesitates and breaks off their eye contact. "Do you want to live with my family and I? We can help you train." It wasn't like Veronica had anywhere else to go. And with no other relatives, it was either this new friend or an orphanage.


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