Veronica Faust~ an original story

Veronica Faust is an average girl... or so she thinks. She is about to be killed when she uses her powers to save herself. She would've let it go, if she didn't run into another murderer. Saved by one like her, she is brought to his family to discover who she truly is.

Once discovered that she is an Elemental, her powers grow stronger. However, now a large group of Elementals are coming after her power over all elements. With the help of the Reynolds family, can she make it out alive?

Chapter 2

The man's eyes flare, causing the red to stand out in his brown eyes.

An Elemetal. With the power of fire, as his eyes express. Lucas Reynolds hides quietly behind the large oak dunked in snow and watches the man. Why would he be here, so out in the open? His eyes are glued on the hobo and he sees him patiently waiting there, cup in front of his feet.

All of a sudden, his head perks up. Air sucks into Lucas' mouth as he realizes what the Elemental has been doing. He has been waiting for someone.

"I am walking home right now," The well-hidden boy hears a raspy and dreary voice announce. Lucas' eyes flicker to the voice and his eyebrows bounce closer to his hair line.

The aura around her is powerful. Lucas moves to a near, but concealed place. He watches as the girl searches her pockets to help the hobo. The man stands up without her noticing and his eyes flare. She smiles and hands the man her money. He swipes it from her and unexpectantly reveals a knife.

Lucas moves towards the girl, wanting to protect her from the man. He doesn't need to though. His footsteps abruptly stop when he notices what the girl has accomplished.

The man is frozen, his eyes burning with rage at her. The girl backs away, completey frightened. Lucas summons up as much power as he can and hides himself from her as well as the people from seeing the frozen Elemental.

She shouldn't have had the ability to freeze a Fire Elemental. Fire is overpowering compared to ice. Water would've put out his anger, but how did she freeze him? The girl's eyes look around and that's when Lucas sees a sparkle of ocean blue in the girl's dim eyes.

A Water Elemental. She looks back at the man and quickly wanders away. Lucas moves from his position and up to the man. The fire Elemtenal'seyes glare at him, furious. Lucas touches the ice and feels that it is melting. He backs away from the Elemental and feels himself crunch something under his boot. He looks down and finds a flower in the small patch of grass. The grass area is in the shape of a foot print. Lucas' eyes shoot up and he watches the girl slink around people, trying to make herself invisible. Every step she takes reveals more grass beneath her feet, not a normal power of a Water Elemental.

Curiouser and curiouser, Lucas follows her.
Veronica halts when she sees the front door completely wide open. The first thing that pops into her mind is her mother. her heart speeds up as she rushes into the house.

"Mom!" Veronica shouts, searching every room in search for her mother. She hears a crash in the master bedroom and she runs to her mother's room.

She screams when she sees her mother's blood decorating the carpet. The door shuts behind her and she jumps.

"Hello, Miss Faust. I've been expecting you," the lady with bright blue eyes remarks.

"W-who are you and what do you want?" Veronica stutters over her words and begins to back away from the cruel woman.

"You don't know, dear? They told me you were powerful, so I expected that with that strength, you would have some smarts, too." With every step that the creepy female takes, Veronica's heart beats a second faster. Her back bumps into her mother's dresser and a sharp pain elevates in her back.

"I'll call the police!" She shouts, hoping that it will scare the lady away.

"By all means," The blue-eyed monster says, pulling Veronica's phone from behind her back, "Call the police without your pathetic phone." The lady is now just inches away from Veronica's face, smiling a devilish grin.

Veronica covers her face and hopes that the same thing would happen as it did with the crazy old man on the street. When she opens her eyes, the lady is looking at her like she is the most pathetic thing she has ever seen.

"What are you doing? Cowering before a fight. You are truly a fool..." The lady lays a sharp fingernail on Veronica's cheek. "Such soft skin." Veronica howls as the fingernail slices through her skin. The lady pulls back her finger and Veronica feels her head getting light at the sight of her own blood. The lady licks the blood off her finger. "Pity."

Veronica yelps as she hears a slam. Her eyes turn towards the door and finds it knocked down. A young boy stands there, but isn't someone she knows.

He has blond curls springing out of his hair and has pretty bright green eyes. Sun freckles brighten his face, but right now, those brightening freckles only highlight the anger in his face.

"I came here first, pretty boy. Go back to Cian and tell him that Valentina has this all taken care of."

"I don't think I can let you kill her. Back away from her and fight someone who's more your level." Veronica's eyes flash between the young boy and Valentina. Valentina takes a step foward and smiles.

"Pride isn't something to play with, dear. I'll kill you and then I will bring both of you back to my Lord. You dead and her alive." Water forms in the palms of her hands and she aims it towards the boy. Water enwraps him in a large ball shape. It spins and spins around him and Valentina cackles.

Veronica is completely amazed and frightened at the same time. Things like this are unreal. Extraordinary. Supernatural, even. Her fear rises as she sees the water disappear before her eyes, as if the boy sucked in the water. His green eyes are glowing now.

"Shit. You're a earthling, eh?" He grins and advances towards Valentina.

"Observant," he replies, arrogantly. She bends down and slides her leg, trying to trip the kid. He dodges the blow and punches her in the face. He then grabs her arm and awkwardly twists it, Valentina's arm cracking. Valentina shouts from the pain. The boy then grabs Valentina's head and snaps it.

Veronica covers her mouth when she shrieks. The boy turns to her, dropping Valentina on the floor next to her dead mother. Veronica backs up as far as she can and the corner of the table stabs into her spine.

"I won't hurt you. I am here to help you," the boy says calmly, trying not to frighten her.

"W-who are y-you?" Veronica asks, her voice shaking from her fear. She suddenly notices the tears streaming down her face.

"Lucas Reynolds, at your service."

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