10 Things Guys Should Know About Girls

So recently I read something a guy wrote about things girls should know about guys and I thought it was really sweet so I thought I'd write one about things guys should really know about girls. Guys, tell me your opinions on these things and whether or not you found this helpful. If you're a girl reading this (which is totally cool with me), leave a comment telling me whether or not you found this accurate or agree with me on this stuff.
-M :3

Chapter 1

10 Things Guys Should Know About Girls

by: Margz
Guys, take notes... XP

1. Girls DO NOT like arrogant jerks who think too highly of themselves, flirt with every girl they lay their eyes on, and treat women like they are just accessories.
I know, this one is kinda obvious but really, it isn't cool. If you think you are too awesome to be in a meaningful relationship... GET A LIFE. Just be yourself and take a little reality check every once in a while if you notice that you've been getting a big head lately.

2. We do fart, burp, pee, and crap JUST LIKE YOU!
Just wanted to clear a few things up. Sorry for the "potty talk" but someone needed to say it!

3. Girls can be just as funny as guys.
Look, all guys are NATURALLY funny to girls. Guys may not find other guys very funny, but whatever awkwardness or lame joke spills out of a guy's mouth, a girl (especially the one that likes this guy) will find it cute and therefore laugh. BUT, if a girl is dating or even friends with a guy who happens to be a total class clown, she might get sick of you getting all the laughs and attention. So make sure to include her on your jokes and give her attention when she has something funny to say! Girls can be bros with your bros, and it just makes it more fun for everyone!

4. Sometimes relationships need REALITY CHECKS.
This goes out to girls as well as guys. I mean, yeah, every girl has an idea of their perfect Prince Charming who sweeps her off her feet and carries her into the sunset. All guys have ideas of the perfect girl who understands and loves them to death no matter what they do, even if it's frying their brains on Call of Duty all day. But if expectations begin to get too high, things can go downhill real fast. Keep the relationship balanced.

5. PMS: it SUCKS.
I know, an awkward subject (if you don't know what PMS is yet, look it up or actually listen in health class) but guys need to know! We go through a whole lot of physical and emotional distress. Cramps, bloating, headaches, acne, cravings (mainly for chocolate ;D), mood swings, and just plain IRRITATION that nature requires us to BLEED for a WEEK... EVERY SINGLE MONTH! So if you can SHUT UP about how angry we get on PMS and UNDERSTAND, that'd be just PEACHY.

6. We shouldn't always have to be dolled up if we're just chillin'.
A girl should be able to relax in her baggy sweatshirt and sweatpants and sit like an extremely comfortable potato right on the couch, scarfing down whatever junk she feels like every once in a while. You know, forget about make up, uncomfortable skirts, adequate posture, and all that junk and just CHILL. So layoff if we don't ALWAYS look our best when you see us...

7. Playing hard to get DOESN'T WORK.
Flirting with a girl you don't really like right in front of us, believe it or not, DOES NOT make us like you. When you don't answer questions or texts or simply ignore us or blow us off for some non-existent event, it just makes it clear that you're not interested! It won't get you more attention from that special girl, but more from the girl you're pretending to like. Whether that attention is positive or negative I can't say... D:

Not kidding. It happens involuntarily and half the time we aren't even thinking about you when we stare. We think about other random stuff like homework or something while our eyes gaze deeply into yours... without even realizing it. But, yeah, a lot of the time we are thinking about you... XD (I do this all the time, by the way)

9. We normally eat just like you would... But we can be a bit insecure about it sometimes.
C'mon, all girls have a pig inside 'em somewhere! Heck, I don't care if I eat like a pig in front of everyone I'm close to... friends, family... except for the guy I like. I mean, no girl wants to look like a carnivorous monster in front of a guy, even if she doesn't like him that much. Also, for some odd reason, we believe that the food you eat may portray different images of your lifestyle and health and even body image. I don't know if guys notice things like that, or even care about things like that (I'm presuming not), but it'd help to let us know... ;) *points to comment box*

And last but not least (I think this is pretty important XP)...

10. GETTING PUNCHED IN THE BO'OB HURTS LIKE HELL!!! (I know from experience /:( )
Obviously you guys don't have bo'obs and wouldn't thoroughly understand the pain that resonates after an accidental jab in the jugs but to put it in perspective,


Let that sink in...

Yeah. Serious pain, man. So avoid throwing punches or swinging your elbows when you are next to a girl. Please.

Well, that's the end of the list! Guys, tell me what you think, retort if you have to, and I'll most likely reply if I have nothing better to do (I don't, LAWL.) Girls who read this, comment on whether you think this information is legit enough to share with members of the opposite... Gender.
...Stupid language restrictions. IT'S BIOLOGICAL TERMINOLOGY, QUIBBLO, DEAL WITH IT!
Thx for reading,
-M :3


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