Masked (Harry Styles ♥)

Masked (Harry Styles ♥)

Sorry I haven't been on much!
Ive been brainstorming story ideas and have been pretty busy.
but here's a new fanfic I hope you enjoy it!!

Chapter 1

Whats Your Name?

It was quite simple, get in unnoticed and get out unnoticed. Unfortunately I had my doubts. If I got caught I'd be charged with trespassing. I just had to see it. I needed to know it was official. As my long delicate light pink strapless dress swished behind me and covered my sparkly peep toe heels, I adjusted my matching pink mask to the center of my face. The hot pink feather rested in my braided dark brown updo. I suppose you could say royalty was only allowed to be here, but in reality it was just celebrities. And well I definitely was neither it was a miracle I actually was able to afford my dress. My light blue eyes peered into the crowd, and that's when I knew everything was confirmed. Danielle was wearing a ring on her tiny finger. My old time friend, and boyfriend had forgotten me and settled on her. The gorgeous dancer. I would have chosen her too if I was him. I felt tears well up in my eyes and I rushed to leave. I heard a light murmur of the crowd and shuffling of feet. I searched the crowd and noticed everyone was on one or the other side of the ball room. I hustled over to the side which seemed to have the most girls. Uncomfortably I stood there, hoping no one would catch me. That's when the other side started walking toward us, I had apparently missed something. I'd be caught if I didn't leave now. Picking up my dress I began to leave when I experienced a light tap on my lightly tanned narrow shoulder. Slowly I turned around and seen a boy smiling, holding out his hand. His green eyes gleaming behind his black mask. I took his hand, I needed to blend. We danced for a while. I had almost forgotten the time. It was 12 and Cinderella needed to leave. I excused myself and he took my hand again before I left.
"One more dance?" He asked. I looked around and saw everyone was still slow dancing with eachother. I nodded and took his hand again. As our dance was coming to an end he put his forehead against mine and stared into my eyes. I shamefully looked down. He mustn't know. Propping my chin up with his finger, his lips met mine. And then I ran. I was shocked, no boy would ever. Especially not him. I heard him storm after me calling out 'wait' I had blew my cover. As I was on the road I stopped and he slowed.
"Tell me your name." He asked walking towards me slowly. Speechless I shook my head.
"Please." He begged.
"I can't." I said shaking my head. And then I ran again, heels in my hand. He ran after me. Why. I would never know. Maybe it was because of the sparks as our lips touched. I needed to be home. Slowing to a quick walk, my dress ripped and dirty and mask off I was now on the doorstep of my American home. He'd be home soon in London and he would forget. Surely he would, it was just a kiss. I opened the door and closed it quietly. I bumped into something and then the light flickered on.
"Mom." I gasped. The tears then started flowing.
"Alexa." She sighed and took me into her arms.
"Hes..." I cried.
"I know, but if he is happy, you should be too."
"I loved him." I managed to croak.
"First love will always be there, but true love will always triumph over it." She quoted. I knew that, but Liam was first love and to me my true love. He was my one and only, even if I was only 13 when we had started dating, it had lasted until I moved at 16. I don't know how long my mom held me stroking my brown hair but it must have been long enough, because as she ushered me into my room I fell on my bed and slept till morning. I woke up, eyes dry from crying so much, thinking about him. The boy I had danced with. Was it a mistake to not tell him my name? I rubbed away the tiredness in my eyes and stretched. No, if anyone would triumph my love for Liam, they'd find me. At least I hoped they would.

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