Intro to An Old Flame: Avatar: The Last Airbender Zuko Love Story

This is the intro to my Avatar Book

Chapter 1

Lost in the Southern Water Tribe

Name: Serenity

Age: 15 (One year younger then Zuko)

Personality: Caring and sweet for ones she loves but, piss her off and she will come to get you. She can be rude on accident but is upset when others are upset escipally if shes the one who hurt them. She is very stubborn and will get her own way. She isn't afraid to speak her mind but, back up when she does or you'll burn with him. If in a situation she can bottle up her feelings very easily even how outgoing she is. She is the most artistic person Zuko has met and has lots of imagination.

Appearances: Long light brown hair with big locks of curls, bright Hazle eyes, and pale skin with light freckles on her face. She has a pink birthmark on her right arm. She is 5'4 two inches shorter then Zuko. She has a red fire nation dress with only one sleeve that falls down her arm. The dress goes down mid-thigh. It has a gold and black trim with black leggings and red shoes. With a bright blue cloak even though it doesn't match her dress.

History: When Serenity was a little kid she was best friends with Prince Zuko. His mother and uncle grew onto me like my other family. My mother and father were killed by Fire Lord Ozai for no apparent reason. When I was 7 Prince Zuko gave me a bracelet with our names on it with 'together forever in the heart' on the inside part of it. When his sister Azula pushed me in the pond at there house. He's in my heart forever.

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