Hogwarts The new Generation.

Jade Revertia,And Lilliana Sailson Are new students to Hogwarts.
Lilliana being Pure-Blood and smart,And Jade being Half-blood and brave.
Thier having a fun time time in Hogwarts,Until a secret they discover may haunt them forever.

Chapter 1

The secret letter.

I sat on my bed drawing a picture of my mom's cat who just so happen to be sitting on my bed.

The cat jumped off my bed as a random Pecking beated on my window.I walked slowly towards the window Tripping on a book.My dad always told me i read too much.I got back up and opened the blinds.

There on my Window seal sat a pretty brown barn owl.I opened the window and the owl hooted in appreciation and lifted up it's leg holding a letter.I untied the letter that had my Exact address.

Jade Revertia
16 Ballow Rd.
On the bed,In the small bed room

My dad burst through my room and stared from me too the Owl too the letter."I got one of those too."He finally said."You went to Hogwarts?"I asked refearing to the letter about Witchcraft and wizardry."No,My parents never let me go and they sent the letter too late for them too send more."He said with a frown."Now get some sleep."He said looking at the time."We will get your stuff tomorrow."He said while turning off the light and shutting the door.

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