200 questions(:

Chapter 1

Here ya Go bloooo

200: My middle name is: Kat

199: i was born in: Charlotte, NC

198: i am really: Psyched cause the new TEEN WOLF is onnn:D

178: my Mom is: annoying<3

177: the last three CD's i bought were: Punk Goes Pop V.4, Pierce the Veil, Skrillex

176: last YouTube video watched: Jenna Marbles-What I learned From Hip-hop

175: how many cousins do you have?: uhh a lot...

174: do you have any siblings? yes, two biological older sisters, and 8 older and younger not-related-to-me-at-all siblings

173: are your parents divorced? Yupp -.-

172: are you taller than your Mom? nope

171: do you play an instrument? several

170: what did you do yesterday? Went to the pool, watched a TERRIBLE movie and did some crazy shiit

[ i believe in ]
169: love at first sight: yeahh(:
168: luck: yupp
167: fate: I believe in escaping it! oh ha ha ha ha lame punnn
166: yourself: ABSOLUTELY
165: aliens: somewhat
164: heaven: yeah
163: hell: mmhmm
162: God: yupp
161: horoscopes: yeah
160: soul mates: sure
159: ghosts: seen them and conversated with them.
158: gay marriage: sure
157: war: how can you not believe in it?!? It's all around us!
156: orbs: sure
155: magic: i have my doubts...

[ this or that ]
154: hugs or kisses: hugs
153: drunk or high: drunk
152: phone or online: both<3
151: red heads or black haired: either is fine
150: blondes or brunettes: bothh
149: hot or cold: hott
148: summer or winter: fall :P
147: autumn or spring: spring
146: chocolate or vanilla: vanillerz
145: night or day: Night.
144: oranges or apples: Apples
143: curly or straight hair: depends on my mood
142: mcdonalds or burger king: mcdonalds
141: white chocolate or milk chocolate: milk chocolate
140: mac or pc: macc
139: flip flops or high heels: flip flops
138: ugly and rich or sexy and poor: doesn't matter
137: coke or pepsi: pepsii
136: hillary or obama: dont caree
135: buried or cremated: buried
134: singing or dancing: I'm good at both
133: coach or chanel: dont caree
132: kat mcphee or taylor hicks: Kat(: just cuz we have the same name(:
131: small town or big city: Small town
130: wal-mart or target: Target
129: ben stiller or adam sandler: Adam Sandler
128: manicure or pedicure: manicure
127: east coast or west coast: east coast biitch
126: your birthday or christmas: both
125: chocolate or flowers: flowerss
124: disney or six flags: disney
123: yankees or red sox: don't care

[ here's what i think about ]
122: war: don't like it but can't do anything about it
121: george bush: whateverr
120: gay marriage: I support it
119: the presidential election: meh
118: abortion: technically murder. It's wrong
117: myspace: too much drama
116: reality tv: mwuah ha ha
115: parents: divorced
114: back stabbers: annoying
113: ebay: awesome. Get on with it.
112: s-x: well I'm not a virgin(;
111: work: Starbucks<333
110: my neighbors: always callin the cops for noise complaints -.-
109: gas prices: outrageous
108: designer clothes: does pac sun count as designer?
107: college: I'm going to Appalachian
106: sports: volleyball, dance, soccer, softball, and other crapp
105: my family: ...unique
104: the future: I don't know... I might be dead cuz it's 2012

[ last time I ]
103: hugged someone: a few minutes ago...
102: last time you ate: yesterday...
101: saw someone: right now...
100: cried in front of someone; In February or March
99: went to a movie theater: last week
98: took a vacation: last month
97: swam in a pool: today
96: changed a diaper: two years ago
95: got my nails done: March
94: went to a wedding: March 30th
93: broke a bone: I've sprained and bruised them plenty of timessss
92: got a piercing: I don't remember...
91: broke the law: Mwuah ha ha don't worry about it(;<
90: texted: now

[ misc ]
89: who makes you laugh the most: Savannah
88: something i will really miss when i leave home is: my sister, Sydney
87: the last movie i saw in the theaters: batman
86: random: meep meep
85: the thing im not looking forward to: going home
84: people call me: Kat, Lindsey, and a lot of other things haha
83: the most difficult thing to do is: singing in front of important people
82: i have gotten a speeding ticket: never...
81: my zodiac sign is: Taurus
80: the first person i talked to today was: Savannah
79: first time you had a crush: Kindergarten
78: the one person who I can't hide things from: Sydney.
77: last time someone said something you were thinking: yesterday, Sydney
76: right now i am talking to: Savannah
75: what are you going to do when you grow up: hopefully in music
74: i have/will get a job: I have a job at starbucks
73: tomorrow: swimming and tanning and stuff
72: today: was hilarious
71: next summer: warped hopefully
70: next weekend: homee
69: i have these pets: blehhh
68: the worst sound in the world: uhhh my voice cracking haha
67: the person that makes me cry the most is: my step-mom/family
66: people that make you happy: friends/family/anybody really
65: last time i cried: three months ago
64: my friends are: amazingly awesome<3
63: my computer is: re-tard-ed
62: my school: awesome
61: my car: is sexy(;
60: i lose all respect for people who: fvck up.
59: the movie i cried at was: ...Marley and Me hah
58: your hair color is: brown and purple
57: tv shows you watch: so many...
56: favorite web site: don't have one
55: your dream vacation: uhhh don't have one
54: the worst pain i was ever in was: don't worry about it
53: how do you like your steak cooked: Medium Rare or medium
52: my room is: messily organized
51: my favorite celebrity is: Katy Perry?
50: where would you like to be: At the beach
49: do you want children: 2 of them
48: ever been in love: ...yeah
47: whos your best friend: Sam<33
46: more guy friends or girl friends: more guy friends but a lot of girl friends
45: one thing that makes you feel great is: him...
44: one person that you wish you could see right now: him...
43: do you have a 5 year plan: meep
42: have you made a list of things to do before you die: workin on it
41: have you pre-named your children: yesss(: What girl hasn't?
40: last person i got mad at: my mom
39: i would like to move to: either north or south carolina; where i already livee
38: i wish i was a professional: singer/songwriter/musician

[ my favorites ]
37: candy: SKITTLES and twixxxx
36: vehicle: neon green corvetter<33
35: president: don't care
34: state visited: never been out of the carolinas
33: cellphone provider: Sprint? Apple?
32: athlete: ughh i forgot his nameeeee
31: actor: johnny depp, Will Ferrel, Channing Tatum, Ryan Reynolds and a bunch moreee
30: actress: Emma Stone!!!
29: singer: Vic Fuentes<33333 Ronnie Radke, Cristofer Drew, Jordan Witzigreuter
27: clothing store: Pac Sun
26: grocery store: ...bi-lo...?
25: tv show: Teen Wolf(:
24: movie: different ones for different genress
22: animal: peacock and siberian tiger
21: theme park: uhh carowinds...
20: holiday: halloween(:
19: sport to watch: gymnasticsss
18: sport to play: VOLLEYBALL<333
17: magazine: A.P. magazine(:
16: book: uhh the Summer I Turned Pretty series
15: day of the week: FRIDAY<333
14: beach: South Myrtle Beach(:
13: concert attended: That All Time Low concert was kick a.ss
12: thing to cook: pancakesss<3
11: food: don't have one -.-
10: restaurant: uhhh... don't have one
9: radio station: uhhh I prefer my ipod<3
8: yankee candle scent: wtfff?!?
7: perfume: Paris Hiltonnn
6: flower: tiger lillies<3
5: color: neon green, dark purple, electric blue and electric yellow
4: talk show host: Steve Harvey hahaha
3: comedian: JIM GAFFIGAN<3
2: dog breed: german shepherd, golden retriever, pomeranian<333
1: are you ready for this survey to be over? Nahh it was cool


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