For Esther Roxie's contest!

Chapter 1


by: gale3216
There I was staring at the small wooden silver, cabin in the middle of the woods. I got this cabin in the beginning of the summer. It was great for the reason I need it. First, it was isolated from people. I have enough of the people for a while anyway. I can only be here for the summer because my parents want me for school so I can make them money.

I got off the rock I was sitting on and grabbed my bow. The cabin would never change but I liked it from the squeaky front door to the creaking as the wind blew on it. It wasn't perfect but it was nice. I then walked into the woods write next to the cabin.

I have been in the woods so many times this summer that I could walk it blind fold. I even uncovered some of the secrets like the creek that has fresh water, or the cave that's filled with luminous rocks. I pull my jacket tighter around me. Most girls would say it looks awful but looks doesn't matter to me. I push my dark brown hair out of my face and string an arrow, from my brown sack, onto my sliver bow. I slowed down and listen to my surroundings. It was getting darker by the minute. I shouldn't have waited this long to go hunting.

I climbed a tree and waited. Thwack. Thwack. Thwack. I heard the snapping of branches. Then a brown rabbit came out of the bush near the tree. Its brown eyes were scanning the area. Probably going to the creek to gets some water. I thought. I pulled the arrow back on the bow and shot the rabbit right on the neck. Then I jumped down from the tree and cut the head off the rabbit. Sorry rabbit. I thought. I skinned the rabbit right then and there and grabbed some foil out of my arrow bag and put the meat in it. I was done here and walk back to the cabin.

It was dark now but the moon was out and full. The stars were glittering. This was another reason I wanted to spend the summer here. You could never see the stars much where I live because of the light pollution. I entered the cabin were my few things were there. I had a little black T.V. with a red bean bag chair. It brightens up the silver walls and wooden floors. I had a blue mattress lying in the corner of the room and a black and white stove and microwave across from it. In the middle of the room the room hangs a single light bulb.

I unload the food, by bow, my utility knife, and canteen from my arrow bag. I ate the food while watching a little bit of T.V. when I decided to take a walk outside. I loaded myself up, even at night you bring everything you would need to be safe. I was walking through the woods when I heard a giggling.

Hehehehehehe! It said. I waited and heard it again. This time I heard what direction and came from and followed it north. It lead me near the creek and I saw my reflection. My brown hair was in a straight and pushed behind me, my piercing green eyes stared back at me and I had a small nose with small lips.

HEHHEEHEHEHEHE was louder I turned around and HEHEHEHEHE was all I heared.

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