The Girl For Curls

I've been getting tired of well written stories not being finished so this one is for those of you with the same issue. :)

Chapter 1

The Move

"Dani! Is all of your stuff packed?" My mother hollared from the foot of the staircase.
"Yeah Mom, just give me a minute, ok?" I yelled.
I flopped back down on my bare mattress, reminiscing all of the memories in this town. The sleep overs with Monica, beach camp outs, crushing on cute boys, walking the block to the small Cafe' on the corner... My phone buzzed.

Mom: Danica Lynn Connors, are you ready or not? We've been waiting for you for twenty minutes, we are going to miss our flight!

Me: Oh, sorry Mom. Be down in a sec.

As I walked out the front door, I couldn't help but let the tears flow. I'm going to miss this house, this street, the beach, my friends...
"Danica!" My mother scolded.
I loaded my two suit cases into the trunk of our car and hopped in the back seat. I wiped away the tears and as soon as I buckled the belt, my phone buzzed again. It was my best friend Monica.

Monica: Hey girly I'm really gonna miss you! :(

Monica has been my best friend and my next door neighbor since she moved in when we were in third grade. Even when I skipped 5th grade she hung in there with me.

Me: Yeah, I've already cried! :/ Hopefully we can visit some time soon.

Monica: Tots! Well, I have to go, Soccer practice! Call me when your plane lands! Talk to you later Dani.

Me: Alright. Will do. Later Mo.

We arrived at the airport to a crowd of screaming girls and paparazzi surrounding our SUV. We stepped out and blinding cameras flashed. As my mom worked her way to the trunk, the flashing started to fade away and the mass of teens walked away with disappointed looks strewn across their faces.
"What was that about?" My dad questioned as he stared at the retreating group.
"I haven't the slightest idea." I answered as my mother looked back and forth between the crowd and my father and I.
"Oh well! They're gone now!" My mother giggled as she started unloading the car while humming her favorite tune. She was obviously glowing, could she even pretend that this was a bitter day?

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