Red Scars Run Deep

This is my original story that I've been working on for ages. If you read this, please comment please please please with a cherry on top?! Thanks!

Chapter 1

Born Bad

Scarlet is a stupid name for someone like me. Firstly, because of the first four letters. "Scar" is something that's haunted me my whole life. Scars have followed me, crept behind me, and onto me. And then there's the meaning of Scarlet. It means deep red; like blood. Cheerful, right? Well, maybe I don't lead a very cheerful life.
See, I was born bad. It's as simple as that. You see, when every bhaby is born, the Government have created a law that a drop of this special chemical is placed on this newborn's tongue. The liquid is blue, and if it remains blue on the baby's tongue, there's no problem, and the baby is returned to their mom. But if the liquid turns red, there's a problem. It means that the baby will grow up to be Bad. The Bornbad baby - that's what they're called - is removed from their family and home straight-away, and taken to a prison.
That's the deal. They predict that the baby will be bad, and they try to cure them, until the kid is 18. I'm on of those Bornbads, and I'm apparently being cured. Being cured, though, isn't fun. The cure to being bad is suffering badness, we're told. So us Bornbads live in a prison, especially for Bornbads, and we do hard labor for the community, we are beaten, we are nearly starved, in the hope that we will break and the badness will go. I refuse to break. I am Scarlet the Unbroken, that's what I used to call myself when I was small and naive!
But the main way they try to break us is the Scarring. They literally cut us open in the hope that the badness will spill out. It starts on your sixth birthday, and continues on your twelfth. In the thin morning light of the dormitory, I can see the scars on my body. It is sunrise, and the sun seeps through the curtains like blood, lighting up my bed in particular, which is right next to the window. I trace my finger along the two scars. They are horizontal; one is long and thin, just below my armpit. The other is down across my hipbone, the one I got when I was just six years old. Both scars are on the right side of my body; red is right, that's the slogan. The scars are so deep that they will never heal. Some kids die when they get their scars, on their sixth or twelfth birthday. We are told that those are the Bornbads who cannot be cured, so it's best for them to die anyway.
So, you're probably thinking, I've survived my two horizontal scars, and they're nothing to be scared of. But there's always something to fear. Before we are released from the Bornbad prison, we get a Vertical scar. It links the other two scars, and is so painful, so dangerous, that it kills half of the Bornbads who receive it. I'm sixteen. In two years, I will get my Vertical. I am, quite frankly, pretty terrified.

Thanks for reading, if you want more please comment. The plot really begins soon, this one was more of an explanation chapter. Thanks!

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