Nightmares (Sequel of ransom)

Mwahaha were back! Me and fairylight are going to continue the story ransom! Read and comment with your opinion! :D hope ya like it!

Chapter 37


Kristen's POV

There were a few people I wanted to speak with, actually. Ashly was one of them, I'm sure she would be able to help if I could just find out this damn address! It was a country road, I knew that. It wouldn't have any house number, just a title. But the problem was, even ten years ago, if I had seen the house name, I'd scarcely be able to remember it now. We were in a rush, Jackson and I. How did we know that I would need the address, ten years from then?
That's the thing about life. You can't prepare for what you don't know. Bad things happen, and you have to work from there.
With the phone flat on one palm, I pressed Ashly's phone number into the blank box from memory, and began my text. I didn't really know what to say, but I concentrated on giving her the important details.
It's me Kristen. Adam has taken me back to Canada, Izzy and Jackson are here too. We're all alive. Please help us.
I didn't give her the fact I'd already been here before, time was ticking on.
I quickly dialled 911, and waited while it rang. Someone answered my call after four rings. "911, what service do you require?"
"Police." I tried to keep my voice low, but loud enough for the woman on the other end to hear me.
"Hello, what's your emergency?" Another woman with a higher pitched voice, spoke next.
I took a deep breath, ready to let it all out. "I'm Kristen Dayson," I started.
"Kristen? Honey are you okay?" The woman on the other line obviously recognised me from the news. Professionally, she stayed calm and waited for me to respond.
"Yeah, well no actually. I need you to help me."
"Are you alone Kristen? Is Adam there?"
"At the moment yes, I'm in a room, he's somewhere else, but please, he has me, Izzy and my fiancée captive."
"Where are you, sweetie?"
I completely froze. Good question. I thought to myself.
"I-I don't know." I stuttered. "I'm in Canada, I think. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere, it's a big house."
"Right," she said slowly, sounding rather concerned due to my ignorance.
"Can you tell me your fiancée's name? And Izzy, Isabelle Kelten, his daughter, am I correct?"
"Jackson, Dayson, and yes it is, please help us." My heart-rate was rising, fearing Adam would come in any second.
"Sweetie, I need to know where you are first, before I can send people out. Do you think you could find out for me? As long as it doesn't put you or the other victims in danger."
"No, sorry I don't think I can."
"That's okay, honey, I'll try and trace your call."
Normally, I would have been rather irritated, by this woman's love of endearment towards people she'd never met before, but the fact she was tracing my call was such a settling feeling, I didn't really care what she called me.
I sat there for a few moments, waiting for the woman to start speaking, well she sounded more like a girl the more she spoke, but after the agonising silence, she spoke with a grave sombre-like edge to her voice.
"Oh, sweetie I'm so sorry-"
I cut the call. Of course. "Oh, sweetie I'm so sorry, but we can't trace the call! Stay on the line with me and I'll waste valuable time while we try to figure out how to magically transport ourselves over here!"
Well, I was screwed. The police certainly couldn't help me, and there was a slim chance Ashly could. I sighed. There was very little disappointment left in my body to feel depressed by the situation, but it still angered me.
Why, oh why hadn't I checked that fvcking address, ten years ago? It's not like Jackson knows it, he was...He was working for Adam!
If I could just wait until I was back with Jackson again, I could ask him!
I clicked the phone off and put it back in my pocket, before lying down on the bed to rest.

Ashly's POV

My phone vibrated inside my pocket, cutting me off.
I looked at Trey and he nodded. "Go on."
I took the phone out and saw I had a new message. From an unknown number. Nervously, I opened up the message and took a glimpse at the text. Kristen? Oh my God!
"It's from Kristen." I whispered, in shock and disbelief.
"What does it say?" He asked. It was hard to tell whether he was more shocked or surprised. Possibly the latter.
I read it out to him. "Ashly, it's me Kristen. Adam has taken me back to Canada, Izzy and Jackson are here too. We're all alive. Please help us."
My heart sank. That's all I wanted. To help Kris, Jack and Izzy. But how could I? We had no address or anything. All we knew were that they were in Canada and were still alive.
"It's Adam's number." Trey commented, analysing the screen.
"What are we gonna do, Trey? We don't know where they are! How can we help them...?"
My voice wobbled at the last part and I found myself crying for the since I'd awoken.
"Ashly," Trey pulled me close to him and whispered in my ear.
"It's okay. We'll find them, somehow we will, I promise."
I knew he couldn't guarantee that we found them, but hearing him say it calmed me down a lot. Kissing my cheek and tucking a strand of hair behind my ear, his intense eyes looked into my soul. "Come on, let's tell the others."

Kristen's POV

"Come on, get up. I suppose you'll want some more time with lover boy, hm?"
His voice was more alive, though a strain of exhaustion could still be heard.
Slowly, I pulled my body out of the covers and set my feet shakily to the ground. I was still weak, but to my surprise I could walk, more than I could yesterday. It still took me awhile to reach the door, but Adam helped me walk the rest of the way.
Jackson was sitting staring out of the one, high-up window that was on the prison-like wall. When Adam shut the door behind me, he looked at me, quickly and surprised. "Kristen!"
I walked over to him the best I could and he pulled me close. "Are you okay?"
"Yeah, a little shaken if anything." I said, nestling my head on his shoulder.
"And, Izzy? Is she okay?" Jackson asked with worry in his voice.
"Yeah," I whispered. "She's in her room."
To be honest, I didn't really think Izzy was okay. She was obviously going through a lot right now, thinking about all that Adam had said to her on the roof. She was angry, devastated, surprised, worried. It was hard to determine whether she'd ever be "okay" again.
We just sat like that for awhile, Jack kissing me and stroking my hair. I was so comfortable, but then I remembered about the phone.
"Jackson! I almost forgot!" I cried, pulling the phone from my pocket. So many visible emotions and questions whizzed across Jackson's face.
"Is that Adam's phone?!" He asked completely dumbfounded.
"Yes, yes it is. I called the police last night, but they couldn't trace the call. I also messaged Ashly, I told her we were all alive, but I couldn't give her the address, because I didn't know it!" My voice squeaked with excitement.
"Callnick House! It's Callnick House!"
For the first time since we'd come here, there was hope in Jackson's voice.

Ashly's POV

"We should go back to Canada." Roso said matter-of-factly, after about three hours. "Tomorrow."
"And then what?" Trey asked. "We don't know where they are!"
"We'll see in the morning." Tyler said with an even tone. "For now we should rest up."
Everyone agreed, and with that, Tyler and Tanner took a couch, while Roso and I went upstairs. Trey, I noticed had walked back outside.

The next morning I crawled out of the bed I'd slept in and put my clothes back on before heading for the bedroom door to go downstairs. Beep. My phone vibrated and I picked it up and read the screen. It was another message- from Kristen! I quickly opened the text up and read it.
We're at Callnick House! Please help us!
"Trey, Roso, Tanner, Tyler!" I almost screamed in excitement, as I ran down the stairs. They had all been sitting on stools and sofas, but had leapt up at the sound of my calls. "Ashly, what is it?!" Trey asked.
"I know where they are! I fvcking know where they are! Callnick House! Come on, we're going to find them!"
And, at that moment, every single person's face in the room lit up.

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