Nightmares (Sequel of ransom)

Mwahaha were back! Me and fairylight are going to continue the story ransom! Read and comment with your opinion! :D hope ya like it!

Chapter 3


After dinner it was past 11, so we snuggled up in bed and turned off the lights. For a while it was silent other than the sounds of our breathing but I felt guilty so I had to speak up.  "I'm sorry." I whispered, resting my head against his chest. 
He ran his fingers through my hair. "Sorry? For what?"
He let out a quiet laugh, "How many times do I have to tell you Kris? You never have to be sorry."
"No, it's not okay though. You spent a lot of money tonight and I screwed it up."
"Hey, hey," he turned so that I was looking at him directly, "You didn't screw anything up. The money is nothing."
I couldn't find the words to reply so I just smiled and said "I love you."
"I love you too Kristen Dayson."
I fell asleep and when I woke up the next morning, I realized I had had a peaceful sleep with no nightmares. That rarely happens. 
I snuck out of the bed quietly, trying not to wake up Jackson. But of course, he noticed and groaned and opened his eyes slightly. "It's okay, go back to sleep." I whispered.
He smiled and closed his eyes. I grabbed my robe and went into the kitchen and started cooking some breakfast and turned the radio on low.
After a little while Jackson got up and walked over to me, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He walked behind me and put his arms around my waist. "Smells good." he mumbled.
I leaned my head back so it fell on his shoulder. I was so grateful I had him. 
At first, after the accident, he could barely talk to me. He felt so guilty and he almost left, once we were out of the hospital. 
But i convinced him to stay for me, and I loved him for it. "You know. I'm pretty sure that your bacon is burning." Jackson laughed.
I snapped back to reality. "Shit" I mumbled under my breath. 
Jackson just laughed. "I like my bacon crispy okay?!" I said, trying not to smile but failing terribly.
Kasey, our golden lab, lazily got out of bed and lay down by her food dish, almost falling asleep there too. Jackson fed her and I fixed up our plates. After breakfast, Jackson got ready and left for work after kissing me good bye.
I worked part time at a diner but it was my day off, which were always uneventful. I took Kasey for a walk. When I got home I decided to go for a nap.
I was woken up by the phone ringing. I lazily reached for it, not bothering to sit up. "Kristen?!" It was Jackson, and he sounded alarmed.
"Yeah, whats wrong?" I asked confused.
"Look, Im on my way home, Ill be there in ten minutes."
I looked at the clock, it was only 4. He worked until nine, which added to my confusion and building fear. "Whats going on Jackson?"
He paused for a second. "Turn on the news."
I did as he said, and Adams face was on the screen. I slowly read the headlines 
Adam Kelten was an inmate of the Wilson Jail, went missing this morning. The police have yet to discover how the criminal has escaped a high security jail. Kelten was sentenced ten years after the kidnapping of Kristen Dayson. Kelton is 35, blonde.. 
That was all I read before I passed out.

  I woke up shortly after, only a few minutes. There was something making noise. I looked around confused, until I realized it was my cellphone. Jackson was still on the line.
I picked it back up from where it fell on the ground from my hands. "Jackson?"
"Kristen?! What happened?!"
"..Um.. I think I.. Passed out or something." I said dizzily. 
"Where are you?"
"In the bedroom."
"Okay. Lock the door, Ill be there soon."
"Wait, could you just.. Stay on the phone with me? Please?"
"Im not going anywhere. I promise." 

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