Nightmares (Sequel of ransom)

Mwahaha were back! Me and fairylight are going to continue the story ransom! Read and comment with your opinion! :D hope ya like it!

Chapter 2

Is It Really Him?

Crossing my arms as I walked, I went into the bathroom and stripped. After "Adam" happens to you, you always feel self concious about your body. It's scary really. It's like he's there hiding behind the shower curtain, and so it took me a long time to get over my fear of going somewhere alone. But no, Adam was not hiding behind the shower curtain, he was sitting in a cold, dark cell in prison. And that's where he belonged. I still often wonder, was I the first girl he took? Was he maybe just after money and saw me, the perfect opportunity. By the way him and Jackson acted, I think that was possible. "Kristen! Are you okay?" Jackson shouted upstairs. "Yeah, just going in the shower!" I shouted back. I let the water run warm and stepped in. Showers really comfort me. I can forget all that's happened. I used to take about five showers a day just to calm me. I couldn't bear to think about my past ever again. A quick cleanse of my hair and body before stepping out again. I blow dried and straightened my silky hair until it looked pretty. Smiling in the mirror, I did my make-up and nails. I painted them pink, with gold lettering on them, spelling out L-o-v-e'-s on one hand and G-r-e-a-t on the other. I hoped Jackson would like it. What to wear? What to wear? I thought as I frantically looked through my wardrobe. I eventually decided on a pure-white short dress with black bows on it. Perfect I smiled and walked downstairs. "Madam?" Jackson held out his hand and I took it, laughing. "This way to the golden carriage!" Of course, it's not a golden carriage, it's a red Cleo. I hopped into the passenger seat with him raring to go.

We arrived at the restaurant in perfect timing, parking the Cleo round the front. We were greeted by a beautiful, young waitress who was carrying a clipboard. "Mr and Mrs Dayson?" She asked. Her eyes sparkled as she spoke. "Yes that's us." I smiled as my eyes met Jackson's. "Brilliant. Follow me!" We walked briskly after her and we passed a table with one man sitting alone. I noticed him because he seemed to be the only person in this restaurant on his own. He winked at me and I looked away awkwardly. "Here you are. Table for two. can I get you any beverages?"
"Yes I'll have a soda water and lime please."
"And I'll have a beer."
"All right. I'll be right over."
I sat down and gazed around the restaurant eagerly. It sure had a reason to be expensive! It really was the fanciest. "I'll be back in a second sweetie. I need the toilet." I nodded and watched Jackson leave. My gaze wandered over to the lone man's table. He was looking at me and smiling. Suddenly he got up. Oh no. I thought. I hated dealing with obnoxious men. He sat down beside me and smiled at me. "Hey. Mind if I join you?" Damn right I do! I mouthed under my breath but instead I smiled my warmest smile and tried to be as polite as I could. "Sorry, I'm already dining with someone." He didn't give up. "Come on princess, it'll be fun." My mouth gaped open in horror. Suddenly this man's face changed back into Adam's. "Come on princess. I thought we had a deal?" I thought back to one of my worst dreams. The day I would walk up the aisle.

It started off, a brilliant, beautiful dream, where I had a beautiful dress, with silver roses all over it. As soon as I stepped out, Jackson's whole face lit up. I smiled with my eyes and slowly but gracefully made my way up the aisle. We were about to do the vows when Adam appeared from nowhere, shooting everyone in site except the minster who suddenly smiled liked a devil. Then I realised it was Jace, back from the dead. Adam grabbed my waist and stopped me from moving. "Do you, Kristen Carelton, take Adam Kelten to be your husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do you part. I looked shocked to be hearing those words. "What's the matter Kristen? You want to get married, right? /Come on princess. It'll be fun." He holds a gun to my head and I know I have no choice. "I do." I say almost in tears. Adam grins devilishly and Jace carries on. "And for you Adam Kelten the same?" Adam looks into my eyes. "I do."
"You may now kiss the bride." He forces himself on to me kissing me passionately and then whispers into my ear. "You really are mine now Kristen." And that's the point where I wake up and scream.

Then suddenly I'm back to reality and the man is no longer Adam. I start to cry and run out of the restaurant, Jackson calling behind me. "Kristen? What's wrong?" he runs after me. I lock myself in the car and burst into tears. He bangs on the window and finally opened up. "What's wrong Kristen?" He smoothed his fingers through my hair. "T-that man. He-he called me p-princess. And I just t-thought of..Adam." That was all I could get out before setting off again. "Don't cry Kristen! It's okay, he's still in prison. Come on, I'll take you back. I thought this would happen, so I prepared a romantic meal."
"Oh Jackson!" I practically threw myself into his arms. "You're amazing!" He chuckled. "Not quite as amazing as my little sweetheart, right say here." I laughed and got back into my seat before Jackson pulled out of the car park.

Back at home Jackson ordered me to stay in the living-room and close my eyes, so I did. Eventually he covered my eyes and guided me through to the kitchen. He took his hands away and I gasped. It was beautiful. All sorts of beautiful flowers filled the room, making it look like a tropical paradise. A large candle sat in the middle of the table keeping the ambience and two cocktails with sparklers in them sat beside the plate. On the plate, was another gasp. Thin, crispy calamari strips surrounded a large battered fish covered in lemon and garlic. I knew he'd made it himself. This was so much better than the fanciest restaurant in the world. He even lifted up a tablecloth revealing a plastic container with a can of pepsi in it. I was confused for a moment but he put two mints in and shook it up so it sprayed into the air. "Ta da!" He smiled. "Our very own fountain!" I leapt into his arms. "Oh I love you!" Over dinner I explained to him the wedding dream and he told me that it would never happen. Jace was dead and Adam would still be in prison then! I smiled and knew that next time I went to see Kara I'd be positive, positive, positive!

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