Read! Very Important! Unless You Don't Care About Me

My turn to take a leave..

Chapter 1


As i'm gonna go back to my house tommorrow, I won't be able to log on Quibblo and I will have a slow internet at my mom's. Best way to contact me is through my email, phone, Chatzy, and Polyvore. But only 2 or 3 of you actually have my number. hehe.

I am able to log on Quibblo when I go to my dad's, and luckily, I go back to school August 16. I'm gonna be a freshman in high school so I won't be able to acess this anyway! :( My god, I am gonna miss y'all! :((((

I'm sorry if I haven't replied to any messages, they sorta drowned in my inbox.... And I accently deleted a few. I am so sorry! :(

Luckily I can log by phone, but I may not be able to come on still. I will come on, but i'll probably be on either a few seconds, a minute, or if lucky, 5 minutes. So yeah...

I'd give you permission to drown my inbox, but it's 1,238 and counting.. So.. That's a no-no! xDDD

But If you do drown them, drown with wonderful story and quiz and etc invites! xDD

But try not to...


I want to have a good grade rep in high school. Not that girl that gets F's in Math, Science, and ELA :L

So I am going to try my hardest!

I will miss y'all. I only know a few I am RPING by message, Shelby (aqua.. something) and Babykaygrl. We might have to move that to Chatzy

I apologize if i'm doing a story with you, and if you want me to continue my solos. I will try to get to that.

I can acess by laptop only at my dad's. And I can acess only Chatzy, Poly, and Youtube. My laptop screen is messed up.. So... Bleh :P

I can only acess Quibblo at my nana's and grandpa's so that's a pain in the bootie. By phone, but as I said, not that much.

So I will miss you! Loads! But school doesn't start now so it's not goodbye for a long long time.... Yet. O.O

I can still acess here, but sometimes. And when school comes, only on weekends, two times a week... So about 8 times a month.... :( Pooooppppp!

I suggest only emailing me urgent stuff like "Get On Chatzy!" or something like that..

If you need to discuss anything with me, make a chatzy and email it to me. But really urgent stuff...

My email, made by my friend :P


I have a few nasty little stalkers. O.O

My email:

Again, my friend put that :P


So long


Auf Wiedersehen

Goodbye! :'(


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