Love Stronger Than Iron (A LOTR Love Story) FINISHED

This is a Group story that Resident_of_Middle_Earth and I are writing. It's about twin sisters that each fall in love with someone from the fellowship.

Chapter 46

Le suilon!!!!!

Mae govannen, mellons. I just said hi, friends. Yes, I speak a little Elvish. :)

Anyways, Ardhoniel is going to be writing the sequel to this story in a few minutes (hopefully) and I was told to let you all know. :) I hope you enjoy it because we are having a great time writing these stories together. It is called Blue and Hot, yet Grey and Cold (Sequel to Love Stronger Than Iron).

please give us feedback on this story and the sequel when it gets put up. We would love you even more :)

So, Navaer, fellow readers!


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