Love Stronger Than Iron (A LOTR Love Story) FINISHED

This is a Group story that Resident_of_Middle_Earth and I are writing. It's about twin sisters that each fall in love with someone from the fellowship.

Chapter 3

Chapter Three

Melody POV
I whipped around when I heard Gandalf's unexpected voice. Frodo led us to a trunk and got the envelope out. Gandalf snatched the envelope and threw it into the fire.

"What are you doing?" Eden asked. Gandalf didn't reply. Instead, he took out the ring, and told Frodo. "Hold out your hand. It's quite cool." Frodo hesitated, and held out his hand. Gandalf dropped the ring into it and said "What do you see?" Frodo inspected the ring. It looked the same.

"Nothing." Frodo said. Gandalf looked relieved then Frodo said "Wait, there are strange marks." Eden looked at it and said "That's some form of elvish. I read about it." I looked at Eden. "Well what does it say?" I asked. She shrugged.

"It says One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all, and in darkness bind them." Gandalf said. I looked at the Ring in amazement. "This is no normal ring." I stated the obvious. Eden shot me an annoyed look. "Yeah, Mel, I think we know that." I sighed. I was always one step behind. But for that, I knew Eden's secret. She liked Merry. I was going to wake her up one morning, and I heard her talking in her sleep about Merry. It was quite interesting.

We were having tea, and Gandalf explained about the all of the Rings and the dark Lord Sauron. Then he told us that Gollum, the creature who had the Ring before Bilbo, then explained that they tortured Gollum until they got two words. Even I knew them. "Shire, Baggins!" Eden and I exclaimed at the same time. "But that would lead them here!" Frodo said, worried. He held out the ring to Gandalf. "Take it, Gandalf, take it!" he said. Gandalf shook his head. "I couldn't, Frodo."

"I'm giving it t you!" "DON'T tempt me, Frodo!" I backed up. "But it can't stay in the Shire!" I said. Gandalf looked at me. "No, it can't." I processed in my mind what we had to do. Frodo held the Ring to his chest. "I know what I must do." he said. I stepped beside him. "I'm going to. He's no going anywhere without me." Eden grabbed my arm. "Melody, you can't!" I looked at her, serious for the first time. "Eden, I'm going." I said firmly. Eden stepped up by me. "If you're going, I'm going." she said. But I could tell she didn't really want to.

Frodo looked at us. "Melody, Eden, you can't! You'll get hurt." Oh, no. Here it goes again. "Frodo, there's nothing you can do to change my mind." I said. Then we heard a rustling outside in the bush. "Get down!" Gandalf said. Frodo pulled me down, and we waited to see who it was.

I heard a farmilliar muffled voice say "Oof!" and Gandalf pulled Sam inside. "SAMWISE GAMGEE; HAVE YOU BEEN EAVESDROPPING?!?" Gandal shouted. We stood up. "I haven't been dropping no eaves sir, honest!" Sam said. "WHAT DID YOU HEAR? Speak!!" Gandalf demanded. "Nothing important! That is I heard a great deal about a dark lord, a ring and the end of the world. Please don't hurt me. Don't turn me into anything unnatural." Sam begged.

Gandalf grinned and said "No? Oh, I have thought of a better use for you." I immediately knew what he was thinking, and I smiled.

20 minutes later, we were walking into the forest. "Come along, Samwise Gamgee, keep up." I grinned. I was excited, although we were being hunted down by enemies. I looked at Eden. She was showing no emotion. Weird. "Never put on the Ring. Enemies will be drawn to it's power." Gandalf said. "Remember. It wants to be found. Travel only by day, and keep off of the road." Gandalf mounted his horse and rode off.

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