Love Stronger Than Iron (A LOTR Love Story) FINISHED

This is a Group story that Resident_of_Middle_Earth and I are writing. It's about twin sisters that each fall in love with someone from the fellowship.

Chapter 2

Chapter Two (What Melody looks like is by the text)

Eden's POV
It was a few days after the big birthday party and I was hanging out with Melody and Frodo at a local tavern. My twin sister and I didn't drink beer so we just sat and watched all the commotion in the room. Frodo had gone to go get a drink for himself so we were alone for the moment.

I noticed Melody looking at something and I followed her gaze. She was looking right at Frodo. I smiled. It was a little obvious that she was crushing on our close friend.

I said "So," and she jerked her attention away from him fast. I laughed and said "Mel, I know you like him. You don't have to hide it."

She stared at me as her face flushed. "How did you know?" "You're staring at him. It's kinda obvious." I explained.

"Please don't tell anyone, Eden." She begged. I smiled. "Don't worry. I don't see any reason to tell Frodo."

My sister grinned happily and hugged me which caused me to laugh. "Eden, thank you so much!" "Hey, that's what sisters are for!" I pointed out.

At that moment, we heard singing and loud thumps on a table nearby. Melody suddenly laughed and I glanced over at the table to see what was so funny. I laughed as well when I saw that it was Pippin and Merry who were dancing on a table and singing with their drinks in their hands. "Those two are always trying to draw attention to themselves." Melody remarked, still giggling. I nodded in agreement.

I thought back to the dragon firework that I had helped the two of them set off a few days ago (which I hadn't gotten in trouble for, actually) and smiled at the memory of their black faces.

I noticed Merry glance up at me and he mouthed "Join in!" I laughed and shook my head. He knew I liked singing and I could dance a little bit but there was no way I would ever get up on a table and dance.

He mouthed "Come on!" I shook my head and mouthed back "Not a chance!" He rolled his eyes and mouthed "Your loss!" before finishing the song with his friend.

Melody was looking at me strangely so I asked "What, Mel?" "What were you both doing? You seemed to be having a conversation." She said. "Oh, he wanted me to join in but I told him I wouldn't." I explained.

"You could've joined in, Eden." Frodo sat beside Melody,who was on the left side of me, with his drink. "Or you, Melody."

Melody blushed and I tried to keep a straight face. I had to fight the urge to grin at the two of them. Part of me suspected that Frodo had some feelings for her. I didn't love Frodo that way, he was more like a brother to me. There WAS someone who I was starting to have different feelings though...I was sure even Melody didn't know this.

Just then, someone slid next to me on the bench and said "You missed out on the fun, guys." I rolled my eyes and turned to face Merry. "You know I don't like crowds, Merry Brandybuck. There is no way I'd ever get up on that table to sing and dance. I'd rather die."

"All I'm saying is that you missed out." Merry raised his hands in surrender. "Besides, you're great at singing alone so crowds shouldn't be a problem, Edes." Frodo and Melody laughed and I blushed a little. Merry seemed to know how to make me blush and it was getting worse now that I was beginning to have feelings for him that I hadn't had before.

Melody glanced at the clock on the wall across the room and said "Well, we'd better get going. We're staying over at your home tonight, right, Frodo?" Frodo nodded and the four of us stood up. Merry bade us goodnight and went off to find Pippin who was most likely sitting around somewhere, getting drunk.

Frodo, Melody, and I walked out of the crpwded place and arrived at Bag End a few minutes later. We walked inside and gasped. Papers were strewn across the floor of the study to our left, the window wide open. It looked as if someone had been searching around in Frodo's home.

He slowly walked into the room and my twin followed. I looked around, curious as to if whoever had done this was searching for (possibly) the ring Gandalf had given Frodo a few days ago.

Suddenly, Gandalf the Grey appeared behind Frodo and turned him around, looking frantic. "Is it secret? Is it safe?"

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