... Life ...

Chapter 1


Dear Jessie,

I feel really alone. Now more than ever. I don't get why you left me. I finally thought I'd found a girlfriend that wouldn't break my heart. But that's life for you, I don't even get why I tried. I was bound to fail anyway, just like I always do. Why did you break my heart? Did I deserve it? I know I'm a selfish jerk at times, but I don't get what I did. Did you actually love me? Or was that a lie? Does anyone know why Jessie would leave me? I guess I deserve it. Well, whatever I've done to hurt you, I'm really sorry! I know sorry is never good enough, but you must understand that I'm trying. I honestly thought you were the one. I thought that after all the tear filled nights, that you'd never break my heart. But I'm wrong most if the time anyway. I want you to know something, something no one else knows. I wanted to tell you about what really happened between me and my dad. Only one person knows about it. She was another girl that I'll never get over. But now I know that every girl is just going to find a way to break my heart. I'm done with girls!!! I had 2 in real life!! One of them died! And the other one... Pfft... She lied, she cheated, she hurt me, she broke my arm, she slit the word 'unloved' into my wrist. On here I thought it'd all change. When I dated Ana, it was all happy and smiley! I dumped her because she was cheating!! I dated Ana again, thinking she'd change! Yet she and Zane (Pain_Is_My_Remedy) were kissing! I still wanted her! But she broke my heart into a tiny million little pieces. I asked Emily out. She said that she'd break my heart... I asked you and I was happy...

So why did you leave?

-A D Fletcher.


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