Your Life's Song(a poem)

I made this poem for my English II final and I want your guys opinion on it, please! Thank you!

Chapter 1

(((Please give your op! And read the intro, plz! Thx!)))

Sometimes you don't feel
That you're loved or you belong.
and you compare your life
To a sad and lonely song.

I know sometimes you feel
That you have no right to smile.
So I'm here to tell you different.
So sit down, and stay awhile.

Now chin up, don't slouch,
And look me in the eye!
You mean too much to someone
To just crawl away and die!

Right now, though life is hard,
Try and make it through the day
With a half-full kind of attitude!
And laugh along the way.

So that way you will feel
That you're loved and you belong.
Your life will get better and better
And be a lovely, beautiful song.


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