Hetalia Fanfic: 2p! England x Reader- Hide and Seek~

Story based off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J5Dc0cLo5g

Chapter 3

An escape...?

You didn’t care where you ended up you just wanted to get away from that man. You found yourself turning the corner and were facing the front door.

Yes! An escape!

You started for the door, but before you even got close, a figure slided in front of the door.

It was Oliver.

You stopped in your tracks, gasped and stared at him wide eyed like a deer would looking into car headlights.

Your whole body and mental state was on alert once you saw that butchers knife in his hand.

He still had the maliciously evil grin on his face. His eyes almost seemed to glow in the now dark house.

“Now, now poppet, you weren’t going to try and run away were you~?” he asked tilting his head slightly.

You shook your head stiffly and just stood there frozen. You couldn’t move. You wanted to run away but your were so terrified your body wouldn’t listen.

“Good! Because I wanted to re-do our little game of Hide-and-Seek we didn’t get to finish~!” he exclaimed a little too happily.

You raised an eyebrow in curiosity. He wanted to play Hide-and-Seek? Again?

“I will count and you will hide. Sound fair poppet~?” he explained.

You found yourself nodding in agreement.

His grin widened even more (If that was even possible) and he turned around and covered his eyes and began counting.

Hearing the numbers being called out you ran for it. You ran for your life. You began Panting heavily, not of exhaustion, but in fear. You were hyperventilating. You really didn’t know what to do. You ran past the landline telephone and picked up the phone and began dialing 000 (YES 000 I’M AUSTRALIAN DEAL WITH IT). But when you heard the line was busy you panicked. You tried again and again but you kept getting the same result. That’s when it hit you.

You looked down at the cord and saw it had been cut. Oh no. Did he cut all the phone cords in the house!? How did he even get to this phone so quickly?!

You could hear him reaching the end of his count. You began to panic even more. You looked around for a safe route and saw the stairs. Approving of this choice, you ran towards the stairs and began climbing them as quickly as you could.

You seriously didn’t know where to hide or what to do. Your lunatic was on the loose with a butchers knife, playing this ridiculous game of Hide-and-Seek! How could this get any worse?! You didn’t think it possibly could. You just wanted your real best friend back. You wanted Arthur back. You wanted him to just find you and laugh like he always did and tell you it was all a joke, and you would run into his safe, protective arms and cry in fear and joy.

So why wasn’t it happening?!


Yay ch.3 =7=b Hope you all enjoy it~! More chapters are on the way~! Will you survive this crazy game of hide and seek!? Who knows~? (HAHA I DO XD)

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