Hetalia Fanfic: 2p! England x Reader- Hide and Seek~

Story based off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J5Dc0cLo5g

Chapter 2

Meet Oliver.

Your P.O.V

You stopped giggling. You heard Arthur call your name. But, it was something about his tone of voice that made you stop. It sounded like he was in pain.

Nah, he was probably trying to psych you out and make you lose.

But then you heard a loud thump.

What on earth was that?!

You peeped your head out of your hiding spot, trying to see if he was nearby.

But you didn’t see anyone.

You started to get worried. Something that loud would have had to be fairly large to make that noise. Did Arthur…collapse!?

And with that thought, you sprang up from your hiding spot and crept down the hall way cautiously. It was already getting slightly dark which didn’t settle your nerves one bit.

You heard something moving close to where you were. It sounded like something was coming from the kitchen.

You gulped and bravely walked to the kitchen. You could feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand up with every step closer to the kitchen you took. What if a murderer was in the house?! What if he got to Arthur?! What if—

You shook your head trying to shake out the negative thoughts. You were just being paranoid! Yeah, that was it…just being paranoid.

You stopped just outside the corner that turns into the kitchen and waited to see if you could hear anything else.


Just silence…

You slowly peeped your head around the corner to hopefully catch a glimpse of something.

And you did see something.

You saw Arthur slowly getting up. But, he didn’t look quite the same. He was wearing a pink vest, instead of his usual green one. And his hair looked slightly messier.

You weren’t getting a very good vibe from him. Something was off…

As he stood up straight you could hear a low chuckle coming from him. His shoulders were jerking as if he was trying to hold back a laugh. But eventually he let out a loud almost murderous laugh. He had his head tilted back and was laughing histerically.

Why on earth was he laughing?

You slowly moved half your body out from behind the wall. But as you did, you stepped on a piece of the floor boards which caused a loud creak.

You froze on the spot automatically.

‘Arthur’ stopped laughing as soon as he heard it. He straightened himself out and sighed.

“______, I thought you were supposed to be hiding love~?” he said in a slightly higher pitch.

You didn’t reply. You couldn’t. You were to afraid. If he was pulling some sort of prank, he would get the biggest scolding…

But your mind slowly stopped it’s racing thoughts when you saw him turn around.

That was not Arthur Kirkland.

That was someone else.

He smiled at you maliciously. He head bright blue eyes with a tinge of pink?! He was wearing the same clothes as Arthur but as mentioned before, his vest was pink. And instead of his usual red tie, it was replaced with a blue bow-tie.

This certainly wasn’t Arthur.

“What’s wrong lovie~? Cat got your tongue~?!” he asked.

“A-arthur…w-what ha—“

“I’m not Arthur. My name is Oliver. But you can call me Ollie since you’re such a doll~” he said with a hint of lust. The rest was filled with the tone of a murderer.

This was the murderer.

Your eyes widened in fear. You started shaking slightly and the pace of your breathing was uneven and off.

Taking small steps, you tried to walk away from the kitchen. Then before you knew it you turned and were running down the hallway.

What happened to Arthur?! He looked so different. He is different. He says he is this…Oliver…Who is Oliver?! It must be him since that surely couldn’t be Arthur.


Oh my! Two chapters in 1 hour!? I'm on a roll! XD This is certainly very fun to right owo I don't know why but I find that I enjoy writing horror stories~ Maybe it's just a talent~ Who knows~? Hopefully this story will end well...maybe I might even do a "Choose your own path" for the ending owo. OH WELL, that's all for tonight. I am getting sleepy...And please comment! I want to know how I'm doing so far! And also, let me know if I should do anymore Hetalia reader inserts owo. THAT WILL BE ALL~ xx

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