Hetalia Fanfic: 2p! England x Reader- Hide and Seek~

Story based off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1J5Dc0cLo5g

Chapter 1

The cupcake.

Gasp! Yes I actually am posting a story! And yes I will most likely finish it because it's not a super long story! But anyway, I really adore that song in the description ((THANKYOU AUSSIE hugs)) and I wanted to write a Fanfic based off it o7o. So, here you go~ Enjoy and please comment!


“Haha, Arthur will never find me in here” you said to yourself quietly. You quietly slipped under the little table beside the couch in the living room. The table was between the couch and wall. There was no way he could see you from here.

You were playing a small game of Hide ‘n’ Seek with your best friend Arthur. Yes it was a very childish game, but you two were both as bored as you could get so you decided to play, which Arthur gladly agreed to despite knowing how incredibly childish this was.

You curled up into a ball and quietly waited for him to finish counting.

Arthur’s P.O.V
27, 28, 29…

“30! Ready or not here I come ____!” I yelled out.

A small grin pulled at the corners of my mouth as I quietly tip-toed my way around _____ house searching for any signs of that cheeky girl.

I looked in the study, nothing. I checked the bathroom, nothing. I checked a few cupboards, nothing. Where on earth was she?!

Sure, she had a pretty large house, but surely I would’ve found her by now.

I passed what looked like the kitchen. I had a quick scan in there, looking in all the corners or places where she could possibly fit. After deciding she wasn’t in here, I stood up straight and sighed in defeat. Bloody hell _____, where are you!?

And that’s when I saw them.

On top of the kitchen bench, I saw a tray full of cupcakes

They looked really nice. Home made by the looks of it. They were vanilla cupcakes with pink frosting. They each were decorated with a different design. Some of them had swirls, some of them had little decorative animals on them, it was just so cute!

Surely ____ wouldn’t mind if I took just one cupcake…right?

I looked around again to make sure she wasn’t watching and carefully took one that had a rough blue swirl on top. I examined the cupcake a little more, just admiring the decoration atop the cupcake.

I carefully took off the cupcake patty paper and placed it down on the counter. I grinned and took quite a large bit of the small treat.

I let out a delightful sigh. It tasted wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.

But I felt a bit strange…

My head began to throb drastically. I felt a huge migrane coming on. And it bloody-well hurt. I dropped the cupcake and held my head, groaning in pain. My eyes felt heavy and I struggled to keep them open. I began to feel my consciousness slip away. What was wrong with me?!

And right then, I swear I heard someone laugh manically. But…something was off about it…

It almost sounded like…


A searing pain shot through my whole body and I collapsed onto my knees clutching my head tightly. I yelled out in pain and grit my teeth. I began to pant heavily and I was struggling to stay awake. “_-___!” I managed to yell out before falling to the ground.

After that everything went black.

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