Through Rose's Eyes

For WC11, I'm becoming Rose from Doctor Who! Hope the living plastic isn't as scary firsthand...

Chapter 1

The Quiz

I looked at the results of the personality quiz I had just taken. Billie Piper's face smiled back at me under the header "Rose Tyler". I grinned; Rose was one of my favorite characters. I finished clicking through my messages then closed Dad's laptop and went to get ready for bed.

I brushed my teeth, put on a baseball tee and some lounge pants, tossed my socks and 'Bowties Are Cool' t-shirt into the hamper, and headed upstairs. Crawling into bed always felt great, and tonight was no exception. I cuddled with Ellie Goulding (my stuffed elephant, not the singer) and fell asleep almost immediately.
I knew something was wrong as soon as my alarm went off the next morning. My alarm plays music from my favorite radio station, but this time it beeped. I sat up quickly and looked around the room. The colors and general clutter were all wrong! My room was painted blue and green with laundry baskets and bags scattered around the floor. This room was cleaner and had more pink.

I jumped out of bed and raced to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror and screamed; Rose Tyler's face was staring back at me! Somehow I had become a Doctor Who character overnight.

"Rose, is there something wrong?" I heard Jackie Tyler's voice ask.

"Everything is fine mum!" I replied, my voice automatically adopting a British accent. Hopefully I could figure out how to become myself again before anyone noticed the difference. But I still had one advantage; I knew everything that was supposed to happen up until a few episodes into Season 2. I could fake it!

As I walked out the door to go to 'my' job, I heard Rose's mom say "Later!" in the exact way I'd remembered. Good, this was only the first episode! Just as I wondered how to get to the department store, I discovered another cool thing: besides just her appearance, life, and voice, I also had all of Rose's previous knowledge. I knew exactly how to get to work and what to do. That, combined with my 'Doctor Who' knowledge, was what made me decide to have some fun with this. After all, it isn't everyday you get dropped right into your favorite fandom!

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