Hogwarts Registration Form (UPDATED AND CLOSED)

Want to be a Hogwarts student? Just read below!!
Please consider joining!

Chapter 1

Hogwarts Form

Year: Everyone will start as year 1 which will also be the same as Harry Potter himself.
House: 2 Gryffinodrs needed, 3 Ravenclaws needed, 4 Hufflepuffs need and 3 Slytherins needed!
Other info:
Why I should be registered: Most likely everyone will be registered but show some Hogwarts pride! Whats your favorite HP character? Spells? Quotes? Anything is fine!

What will happen to get points. I will give writing assignments that concerns Hogwarts courses and daily life. Interactions with other students are allowed, but only minor ones. Points will be given to each individual student. If not turn in time, there will be five points off in judging. Further details will be given! ^_^

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