Arwen, an Unexpected Change

Chapter 5


Luckily art was my favorite class, so I wasn't at all worried. We were starting on Acrylics and I was super excited. Papers were passed and so were supplies, and we could choose any four colors to practice blending, not including black and white. I chose plum, a green that reminded me of spring grass, goldenrod, and scarlet. I loved these anyway, and blending such different colors would be a challenge. Mindy O'baron walked over to my table, "Nice colors! Are you good at art?" She asked.

"Well...I try to be. It's my favorite class." I said,

"That's cool, I'm not very good, but I manage a B and like it so..." she trailed off.

"It's all good,' I said, 'Would you like to sit with me?" I asked without thinking. My mind panicked a little, Mindy was popular. Not one of the mean ones, but she definitely ran with that crowd. She'd never sit with me, the real or fake version.

"Well, I was kinda sitting with my friend..." She said. Nailed it. "But if you'd like she and I will sit with you at lunch tomorrow?"

Lunch? Tomorrow? With me? I never get sat with...say yes, say yes! "Uhh, yeah, sure. Sounds nice." I said happily.

"Great!" She said, and walked back to her seat. Luckily Jay wasn't in this class to ruin my chance at making a friend. I started blending the green in the middle of my first sheet, it would meet the white on the right side and the black on the left to show all the variations of the color. I still couldn't believe that Mindy had talked to me. Why couldn't the real me be so interesting to other people?

I started slowly adding in the white almost a single drop at a time. I was so engrossed in my work I didn't notice someone standing by my table again. I looked up and had to hold my breath. Seth Hughes, the boy whom I've had a crush on since I was seven, the boy who's actually a lot like me, except he's accepted for it. I felt like my eyes must be popping out of my head as I looked at him with wonder, though he wasn't looking at me at all. He was standing, holding his books, and looking to the front of the classroom. I almost didn't mind, as it gave me the opportunity to stare shamelessly at his wavy brown hair that almost touched his shoulders and his smoke colored eyes. My gaze traveled to his wardrobe, which was almost the exact male counterpart of mine, though I toned it down today out of fear. He wore old jeans with a rip in one knee, classic black chuck taylors, a Grateful Dead tee and a red flannel shirt around his waist. He was incredibly good at art, but tried to hide it for some reason.

Then he abruptly looked down into my eyes, "You're new, right?"

"Uhm sorta yeah... yes." I said awkwardly.

"Sorta yeah, yes. Awesome. Okay well I'm Seth...and I'm late again. Can I sit here?" He asked,

"Sure." I said, shrugging my shoulders and playing it cool.

"Question...if the teacher asks me if i'm late at any point and I say no, will you back me up? I know it's weird but I don't wanna get kicked out of this class." He said to me, never breaking eye contact. I nodded meekly, but happily. I was on cloud nine.

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