The Penelope Garcia Transformation

This is an entry for Quibblo's current Writing Contest. I didn't think that people would choose the character Penelope Garcia from the show Criminal Minds, so I thought that I would give it a go. Please leave a comment and don't forget to rate. Both would be much appreciated. Enjoy my nonsense!

Chapter 1

At the Behavioral Analysis Unit

And the results are... Penelope Garcia!

Laura stared at her screen, nodding her head like a boss. Yup, she was the quirky technical analyst of the Behavioral Analysis Unit in the show Criminal Minds. Penelope Garcia was a fun character to watch on the show, always having something witty to say on every phone call with her team. These witty things though, sometimes got her into a little bit of pickle, luckily the consequence was mostly embarrassment.

Laura usually took these "Who Are You" quizzes when she was particularly bored. And, like always, Laura never paid much attention to these results. She would comment on them of course, always saying what she liked most about the quiz or possibly a way to improve, but never took the results to heart. So, with that all settled, Laura signed off the beloved site of Quibblo, and hit the hay.

The dream she had that night had started off normally. It began with a series of unintelligible nonsense like ponies underwater in a monster truck race, or perhaps a Merry-Go-Round in a Wal-Mart store, the possibilities of Laura's dreams were endless.

However, with this particular dream, Laura found that she just couldn't wake up. She had been sitting in a swivel chair at a computer for hours. The room was full of colorful things to brighten up the otherwise dull and serious looking area. What she was supposed to do, Laura had not one idea. On screen was currently a map of the Seattle area. She had a tracker zeroed in on some moving car going through the city. Laura watched the blinking light almost obsessively, wondering why she would have such things on her computer.

The ringing of a phone removed her from her mental monologue and brought her back to reality. She hit a nearby button and the voice transferred to a head set Laura had been wearing. When did that get there?

"Penelope's house of 'how may I save your ass today?'"

Laura was appalled at what just came out of her mouth. Had she really said that her name was Penelope?

"Hey, doll face," said a familiar male voice, "Ready to work some magic for me?"

"Challenge me, you beautiful behavioral analyst," was her response.

"Domestic terrorist activity in the Seattle area."

"Ugh. Morgan, I said challenge me. Doesn't even raise my blood pressure. Pacific Northwest is, like, ripe with the disgruntled. You have animal rights, zoning laws..."

"Specifically anti-technology?"

Laura couldn't respond. Why would she interfere with domestic terrorist activity in Seattle? She didn't know how to do such things. Laura was in school to become a nurse, not some computer geek. But, despite her inner insecurities, she replied accordingly.

"Ah, yes. My loony opposites."

Laura's hand hit the button again and the phone call was ended. Laura's fingers then flew over the keyboard at an amazingly quick speed. How she knew what she was doing would forever be a question to her. And besides, this was only a dream, right? Laura would surely wake up and get back to her normal life. What would her parents think? Her mother would be wondering about what trouble her daughter would have gotten into. Her stepfather would probably wonder as well, maybe not in the same manner as her mother, but in his own unique way. Austrians were quite weird at times.

And what about her friends? Laura was sure that they would question where she was, considering the majority of them she went to school with. Oh, goodness! What in the world would Laura do if she missed more than one day of clinical rotation at the hospital? If that happened, she'd have to retake the course all over again. Laura knew that getting worked up about something like that was dramatic and probably not needed, but who knew how long she'd be in Penelope Garcia's body? She could remain for the rest of her days for all she knew.

However, Laura called Derek Morgan back with acceptable news and he was then to continue with the investigation. Having been of great service to the team, Laura sat back and found herself longing into some online game she didn't even recognize. It was interesting, to say the least. Knights and demons and other fantasy creatures roared or fought on the screen while her mouse clicked on collectable objects. I didn't know I was this great at online gaming, thought Laura to herself. Usually I just die right away or get bored.

Was this really how the rest of the day would be like? Sure, Laura sneaked onto some government websites and was nosy, but was that really it? Would it be worth it to be in Garcia's body and worry about murderers and terrorists busy planning to blow up the world? Laura thought for a moment. It'd certainly be nice to save people in an indirect way. Talent of a computer hacker would come in handy; Laura could just hack into her school's network and give herself exceptional marks. But that wouldn't happen if Laura remained as a technical analyst. Many things could be gained being in this position, but Laura would have to turn it down. Being in this position wasn't what she had wanted in the first place, nor did she have these technical skills in reality. It was best to just stick with what she was good at and become the nurse that she'd always wanted to be. Well, since grade twelve at least.

The computer screen blurred in front of her, lines on the walls turned into melting blobs of color. Laura was feeling suddenly quite tired. She yawned loudly which earned some looks from people around her, no doubt assuming that her craziness was of the norm. Laura/Penelope's eyes closed, sending her into a state of unconsciousness.

Laura awoke with a start. Looking around, she noticed that she was back in her own room. The walls of which were a horrid color, pink, and knick-knacks were positioned just perfectly on her shelves. She glanced to her left and saw a small elephant figurine staring back at her. It had always been a family superstition to have an elephant figurine in each room of the house; they believed it brought good luck and a prosperous year.

Laura let out a sigh. She was home where she belonged and that was where she had wanted to be throughout the dream. That little journey would surely be jotted down in her dream journal. As she wrote down the journal entry, she couldn't help but recognize the scene which played out in her dream. Laura continued thinking for a moment or two, and then she realized it. Before she had gone on Quibblo the previous night, she had been watching Criminal minds. That was why the "Who Are You" quiz appealed to her and caught her notice. The episode titled Empty Planet had been extremely entertaining and was what her dream had been about.

Maybe Laura shouldn't watch television an hour before bed anymore.


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