Does anyone have a Quotev?

Chapter 1

Read pleas :)

So basically my friend JJ (Floppypunch) showed me this great website called Quotev. It's a lot like Quibblo, you can make stories and quizzes but it's more popular and it looks more professional. This doesn't mean I'm quitting Quibblo, no. I still love Quibblo to bits! I'm going to be publishing the stories I've already written onto Quotev, but maybe edit a few of my older ones :P I'm also going to write better more professional stories on there too which I may or may not post to Quibblo. Your decision. :)

Please if you have one, read my stories and follow me. It would be a great help :D I'm Fairylight on there so just forget about "fartingguineapigslol" Haha :D

~Baii my loves ;3


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