What would my characters think of you results

Chapter 1


Drew: Ellie is sweet, like a little sis. I know Kaleb likes her but I had to check her out first. Kaleb is like my brother and i wont let anyone hurt him (me:awwwwwwww!) SHUSH! IM TALKING! Any way, yeah I dont think its a matter of whether she deserves him, but more of whether he deserves her. Yep shes great!

Tyler: Well........I dont think she likes me too much. Well I guess I could be a little nicer to kaleb. But he is so annoying! Ellie threatens him with her swords GAH! What is with her and those swords. There was this one time where Drew and I where fighting and she threatened to chop us up. And then one time I...um...hit Kaleb......in the face.....with my fist, nd she cracked me on the head with the hilt of her sword! IT HURT SO BAD! DX. And then Drew came home and strangled me! And she only hit him with the flat of the blade! UNFAIR!!! (me: chatter box much?) Grrrrrr.

Andrew: Ellie's nice and sweet, but she thinks Im shy, sigh hey but at least she picked me to fly with her, of course she did do enie-menie-miney-moe............Shes alot like Kaleb. One time I slipped Kaleb some candy after Tyler got rid of it, and then she pretended to die from sugar withdrawl, so I gave her some too! :)

Kaleb: I LOVES HER SO MUCH!!! (me: awwww! She said the samr thing!) blushes Ellie is awesome, and sweet and kind and caring, and cool and pretty and (me: get on with it romeo) And she goes on sugar rushes with me! YAY GO ELLIE!! #^-^#

THE GIRL: Ow my face hurts! runs off crying (me: OH YEAH! high fives Ellie )

Me: You're awesome Ellie! If I had to use three words to describe you they would be; Wild, Bubbly, & Random. SEE YA! :)

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