What would your characters think of me-for Dreams_Come_True

Chapter 1

Here you go!

Name: Ellie
Personality: Funny, random, weird, fiercly loyal, wild, bubbly, kind, smart
Fave music: pop or country
Fave book: Graceling
Fave character? Why?: Kaleb! XD Hes fun and wild!!!!!
Least fave ccharacter? Why?: NO! I LOVE EVERYONE!!!
What do you usually wear?: comfy jeans, oversized t-shirts, tennies,

What do you think of;
Drew: Hes cool, escecialy when he protects kaleb. Hes brother material!
Andrew: Hes really nice! I like him! But hes kinda quiet.
Tyler: .......Hes okay......when he isn't bullying kaleb
Kaleb: #^-^# YAY! I loves him so much!!!!! Hes mine! He goes on sugar rushes with me! 8D
The girl: (the one who came in and all the guys were screaming) repeating to self over and over Calm down. Be good. Don't use that kind of language.
ME!: HI!XD Your awesome! Im glad you excepted my FR, it seems so long ago, but it was only like a month(or less I think) that I even joined! you were my first friend, and I'm lucky to have such an awesome one like you! :)


1) Drew and tyler are bickering over something, what do you do?
whips out two swords and points one at each Now you're going to stop, right?
2) Kaleb is going on a sugar rush, how do you deal with it?
eats candy Join him!!!!!! 8D bounces off walls with Kaleb

3)Oh no! The girl is back! AND She has a knife! Quick! What do you do?!
ninja kicks knife out of her hand HA! }:) ninja kicks her face
4) Drews not here at the moment, and Tyler lost his temper and sluged Kaleb in the face? What do you do?
whips out swords Grrrrrrrr. cracks tyler in head with handle of the sword
5) Drew came home and lost it on Tyler. Hes strangling him!! What are you going to do?!
swacks drew with flat of blade
6) Kaleb is annoying Tyler somehow? Do you do anything? What?
goes to get Drew and sticks tongue out at Tyler.
7) You catch Andrew slipping kaleb a candy bar, after Tyler got rid of all the rest of it. What do you do?
run over and drop to knees May I please have some? Im going through with drawl. drops on the floor and pretends to die until andrew gives candy bar YAY! THANK YOU!!!XD
8)You ar going somewhere and either Drew or Andrew are going to carry you while they fly. Who do you choose?
Enie meanie mine-ie moe, andrew wins.
9) (just had to put this one!) You see The girl (you know the one from before) tied to a tree. What do you do?
Say, " oh the glory of revenge' whips out swords


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