To Love Without Reserve (A Peter Pevensie Love Story)

PeterxOC. A King and Queen must trust the Lion who brought them together and learn to love with everything they have, for happiness is not without loss and victory without it's price. Join Peter and Olivia as they journey through life's unexpected twists and turns and discover what it truly means to love without reserve.

Chapter 3

A Day at the Beach

The ride passed quickly, Edmund and Peter deciding to race to the bottom of the hill near the beach. The three girls shook their heads and laughed as they caught up with the boys who were arguing over who had reached the foot of the hill first.

"Looks like I win this time Pete." Edmund said pompously as he unsaddled Phillip and tied his reigns loosely to a tree.

"In your dreams Ed," Peter replied with a laugh, tying his horse up next to Edmund's.

"What's the matter Peter? Afraid to admit you were beaten by your younger brother?" Edmund taunted taking a step towards his brother.

Peter's jaw tightened and he too took a step forward, putting them nearly toe to toe "Oh come off it, we both know-"

"Alright you two that's enough." Olivia said dismounting from her horse and stepping in between the young Kings and placing a hand on both of their chests.

"Olivia's right," Susan said, causing everyone's head to turn in her direction, "you two can argue later. We came down here to have fun, not rip each other's heads off before we even get to the beach."

"They are definitely brothers." Olivia said to Lucy as they tied their horses up.

Lucy giggled and they began the five minute walk to the beach, Olivia and Susan carrying a very large picnic basket filled with their lunch. By the time they reach sand the mood had lifted and the tensions momentarily forgotten. Susan passed the basket over to Olivia while she and Lucy laid out an enormous blanket, giving them all plenty of room to lounge around.

"It's even more beautiful here up close." Olivia said as she set the basket in the middle of the blanket, looking out over the vast Eastern Sea.

"Well c'mon then, let's eat!" Edmund said as he grabbed at the basket.

Everyone laughed, "Do you ever think about anything besides food?" Susan teased snatching the picnic basket from him and removing its contents so everyone could have their choice of what they wanted.

"Sometimes," Ed replied grabbing a sandwich, "You know, like when I'm busying beating Peter at Chess."

The girls snickered, "Ha, ha. You're hilarious." Peter replied with annoyed sarcasm has he grabbed a cluster of grapes and placed one in his mouth.

The rest of lunch was light and filled with happy conversation as they joyfully stuffed their bellies with food. Towards the end Lucy even started a food fight by throwing grapes at her older brothers, which resulted in a large retaliation and all of them lying back on the blanket in fits of laughter. Once they were finished they all lolled around, looking at the clouds or simply enjoying the sun.

Suddenly Olivia jumped to her feet causing all of the Pevensies to stare at her curiously, "You know, I think this is the perfect time for a swim." She said as she began removing her dress, leaving her in her corset and petticoats.

"Actually, I think that sounds like a great idea!" Lucy exclaimed following in Olivia's actions.

"What are you crazy? None of us are dressed for this!" Peter said looking at the two of them as though they'd completely lost their mind.

With a laugh and a shake of her head Olivia took off into the water quickly followed by Lucy, Edmund, and eventually even Susan.

They all splashed around screaming and laughing, "Come on Peter, you're missing out on all the fun." Olivia said coming to stand in knee-high water and holding her hands out in front of her with an encouraging smile.

Peter sighed and removed his leather vest, "Alright, I'm coming." He said walking slowly towards Olivia and taking her outstretched hands.

Olivia cheered victoriously and slowly led him deeper into the water until they neared the others. She was about to say something when she felt cold water on the dry skin on her back.

She gasped, lurching forwards into Peter, "Lucy!" she cried in shock, turning around to face her while Peter steadied her.

"What? It wasn't me, it was Edmund!" she said, her eyes wide and hands raised in surrender.

Olivia moved her narrowed gaze to Edmund who was struggling to hide his snickers behind his hand, "I'm going to get you for that!" she cried with a playfully smile as she began chasing him through the water.

Olivia was just about to reach him when Peter wrapped him arms tightly around her and pulled her back, "Run Ed!" Peter hollered with a laugh as he began dragging her in the opposite direction.

"That's not fair! Let me go! Peter!" Olivia said through fits of laughter as she struggled in Peter's grip.

"I'll save you Olivia!" Lucy said as she ran towards Peter, making sure to splash water in his face as she ran.

Susan laughed and rolled her eyes, "Oh come here Ed!"

Thanks to Lucy's help Olivia was eventually able to free herself and reach Edmund who was struggling in his older sister's surprisingly strong hold.

"Are you ticklish Edmund?" Olivia asked in a falsely innocent tone.

His eyes widened slightly, "N-no." he said lifting his chin defiantly.

Olivia chuckled, "We'll see about that."

"Oh no you won't!" Peter said as he tackled Olivia into Edmund and Susan sending them all tumbling through the water, luckily they'd reached a shallow enough area that their heads were still above the surface.

Lucy stood behind them laughing and shaking her head. Peter wordlessly rolled off of Olivia and he and Lucy helped the three of them up before they walked slowly back to the shore dripping sea water. Olivia walked straight to the blanket and collapsed onto her back laughing breathlessly followed by the others.

"Well, that was fun." She said looking at Susan who simply nodded and laughed.

They all laid there breathing heavily as they tried to catch their breath and relax their racing hearts.

They spent the next few hours relaxing on the beach and watching as the sun began to set over the horizon, "We need to go," Peter said as he stood, pulling on his boots and vest, "It's going to be dark soon, which is going to make it a lot more difficult to get home."

"He's right." Lucy said with a sigh as she got to her feet as well.

With grumbles of displeasure they packed up their things and the girls slipped into their dresses since their corsets and petticoats had finally dried and trekked through the sand and back up to their waiting horses. Once they were all mounted and ready they sent their pace at a leisurely walk and made their way towards Cair Paravel. They joked and laughed the entire way back even when they had to walk their horses in the dark back to the stables.

"I'll put the horses in the stables; you can all go inside for dinner." Peter said as they reached the stables just outside the gates of Cair Paravel.

"I'll help." Olivia said taking the reins of Lucy's horse while Peter grabbed Edmund's and Susan's.

The three thanked them graciously and went through the portcullis and into the castle.

"I had fun today," Peter said as he came into Honey's stall where Olivia was brushing her.

Olivia smiled at him, "I did too. We should do something like that again soon." She said as she put Honey's saddle in its holder.

Peter agreed and came to stand across from Olivia with his back to Honey, "I haven't done anything like that in years, it was nice." He said with a smile has he brought his gaze to Olivia's.

"Well that's too bad, maybe you can look forward to having fun on a regular basis now that I'm here." She said cheekily with a curious look in her shining blue eyes.

He grinned crookedly, "Yes, Aslan forbid I actually do something fun once in a while." He replied causing them both to laugh.

They stood there for a moment, Olivia having trouble maintaining eye contact with him and Peter having trouble keeping his eyes off of her. It was during this internal battle that Honey was startled by an unknown object in the dark and sent Peter right into Olivia, who now had her back pressed against the wall behind her and the handsome King's face a mere few inches from hers. Now Olivia's gaze was glued to Peter's, and she found herself overcome with her sudden need to kiss his lips which sat slightly parted so close to hers she could feel his warm breath on her face.

It was she began to subconsciously move her face towards his that her eyes narrowed and she stopped when they were practically nose to nose, "You, Peter Pevensie, did that on purpose." She said to him, her tone filled with mirthful accusation.

"Oh I did, did I?" Peter questioned, picking up on her playfulness almost immediately. He leaned closer, almost as though he was going to kiss her, and turned, starting to walk away, "Don't kid yourself, Livy," He laughed, looking back at her before leaving the stable.

Olivia stood there for a second and laughed as she ran to catch up with the king, "I think it's you," She said stopping in front of him and placing her finger on his chest, "who needs to stop kidding himself." She moved her face closer to his again, looking him directly in his shining blue eyes.

So she wanted a challenge did she? Peter smirked, liking her playful nature. "Oh? Am I? How so, Livy?"

"If you think for a second I'm going to let you get away with calling me Livy you've gone mental," Olivia said as smirked at him, "Besides I wouldn't want to kiss you, even if I could."

"Oh," Peter taunted, licking his lips as he dipped his head down, "Wouldn't you?"

Olivia tilted her head up, her lips just inches away from his, "No, I can't say that I would," she said as she then spun on her heels and made her way towards the castle with Peter trailing slightly behind her.


Their playful demeanor continued for months, the s^exual and emotional tension beginning to roll off of them in waves causing the other Pevensies, as well as the Narnians among Cair Paravel, to take notice.

"By the lion, how much longer do you think they'll keep this up?" Edmund asked one day as they watched Peter and Olivia chase each other around the courtyard, splashing water from the nearby pond causing Olivia to squeal and both of them to laugh.

"Hopefully not much longer," Susan replied as she rolled her eyes as Peter wrapped his arms around Olivia's waist, a bright smile on both of their faces.

Olivia turned herself to face him, their faces slowly getting closer. Susan, Edmund, and Lucy began to slowly lean forward in anticipation, maybe they were finally going to kiss. Olivia's lips stopped barely an inch from Peter's, she said something they couldn't hear and they broke away, both looking flirtatiously at the other. The three Pevensies grumbled in exasperation as they threw their hands in the air, why were they being so stubborn?

Suddenly Lucy turned and began walking down the nearest corridor, "Lucy! Where are you going?" Susan asked her younger sister quizzically.

"To put a stop to this nonsense." She replied as she turned a corner.


Olivia stood looking out at the fading sunset, casting an almost purple hue across the gentle sky. Her mind was replaying a swirl of frivolous memories from her days here at Cair Paravel for her to see. She smiled unknowingly and sighed happily, staring at the sky for an immeasurable amount of time. After a while she sensed a presence near her, she turned to see Lucy standing next to her looking out at the stars in the now black sky.

"Lucy! How long have you been standing there?" Olivia asked with a start giving Lucy an alarmed look.

"Only a moment, I didn't mean to startle you. What are you doing out here anyways?" Lucy replied, her gaze changing from one of apology to an expression of innocent curiosity.

"Oh, I just came out side to think and enjoy some air as the sun set, but I fear my mind must've wandered elsewhere." Olivia responded with embarrassment as she looked shyly at the young queen.

"Oh that's quite alright! It happens to us all." Lucy responded with a kind smile.

"Yes, I suppose it does." Olivia replied returning her smile a bit awkwardly.

"So tell me," Lucy said suddenly as turned swiftly to face Olivia, "how long have you had feelings for my brother?"


A/N: Hey guys! Third chapter this month! Woo!(: I am SO excited for the next few chapters and I hope y'all have enjoyed this story so far as much as I have writing it! I adore you ALL and stay tuned for the next chapter of... To Love Without Reserve (: Reviews are welcome, they inspire me to write faster and I just love the things you guys have to say!

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