To Love Without Reserve (A Peter Pevensie Love Story)

PeterxOC. A King and Queen must trust the Lion who brought them together and learn to love with everything they have, for happiness is not without loss and victory without it's price. Join Peter and Olivia as they journey through life's unexpected twists and turns and discover what it truly means to love without reserve.

Chapter 2


The High King's eyes widened and Olivia looked away nervously, casting her gaze upon the marble floor.

Peter gawked at her for an extended moment before he regained his senses, "Well, if Aslan brought you here he did it with good reason. Where are you from originally Lady Olivia?" he asked as she looked back at him.

"Yes you're right, I suppose he did. I lived in London until I was orphaned at age eight. I lived on the coast in Sheringham with family friends until Aslan brought me here, to Narnia. Oh and please, it's just Olivia." She spoke almost casually as goblet in hand she leaned gracefully against the thick wooden table behind her.

"Alright just Olivia," he began with a smirk, "I suppose I could allow you to call me just Peter as well. Although, not in front of my subjects."

She smiled at his teasing and took a long drink of wine, "Would you like some?" she asked as she began to fill her cup up again.

"No, I'm fine thank you. Would you care to dance?" he asked as he set his goblet down behind Olivia on the table.

She smiled coyly at him and set her goblet next to his, "I'd like that."

Peter chuckled and took her hand in his, "Shall we?" and soon, they were dancing.


"Who is that girl Peter's dancing with?" Susan asked as she leaned towards Lucy during one of their breaks from dancing.

"I'm not quite sure, but he's spent half the night on the dance floor with her! Mr. Tumnus, do you know who the woman Peter's dancing with is?" Lucy asked as she looked from Susan to Mr. Tumnus on her other side.

"Ah yes! That is Lady Olivia. She arrived with Aslan just the other day." He said to the two young Queens who were looking at the couple curiously as they danced and laughed.

"What can you tell us about her?" Susan asked as she shifted her gaze to Mr. Tumnus.

"Well, she is said to be quite the swordsman and an excellent healer. She has the reputation as one of Narnia's best upcoming ladies with a heart of gold and loyalty and compassion that aren't easily matched though no one knows where she's from. Aslan said he found her fighting to survive on her own somewhere in the Desert."

"The Desert? What in Aslan's name was she doing out there?" Lucy asked as she turned to look at Mr. Tumnus with wide eyes.

"No one knows, she is quite the young lady though, is she not? Your brother seems to be quite taken with her this evening. I don't believe he's danced or spoken with anyone else besides Aslan since they were introduced." He replied, his gaze moving between the two Queens as if to gauge their reaction to his comment about Peter's obvious smitten behavior around Olivia.

"Yes, she does sound like a very nice woman." Lucy mused with a smile as she watched Peter twirl Olivia before bringing her close, their eyes infinitely connected.

"I do wonder why Aslan has not introduced us to her yet." Susan said as she looked to the Great Lion standing across the room from them having a conversation with a faun.

"In due time, Queen Susan, I am sure you will come to know her very well." Mr. Tumnus replied.

Susan was confused by his answer and looked at him quizzically, "What do you mean?"

"I was merely suggesting the two of you will become well acquainted seeing as she will be living here from now on as a member of Narnia's court." Tumnus stated as though it were obvious.

The two girls looked at him, Lucy with excitement and Susan with confusion, "Really? By the lion, why are we so unaware of this? We are Narnia's rulers are we not? Should we not be informed of everything that is going on around here?" Susan exclaimed obviously disliking the thought of being out of the loop of things that should concern her.

Mr. Tumnus looked away nervously, as if he were hiding something, "As I said before, Queen Susan, you shall know all in due time."

Noticing the faun's blatant discomfort Lucy quickly came to his rescue, "Mr. Tumnus, I wish to begin dancing again would you care to join me?"

"Ah! Yes that would be lovely. Thank you, your Majesty." He said rising to his feet and helping Lucy to stand sturdily beside him, "Queen Susan," he addressed her with a bow before carrying Lucy onto the dance floor to continue with the night's revelries.

Susan huffed and crossed her arms stubbornly, this was ridiculous.


Olivia laughed giddily as Peter lead her to a seat off to the side of the throng of gleeful Narnians, "Oh my, your Majesty you are truly quite the Charmer!" she said as took her seat, dragging Peter down with her.

Peter let out a hearty laugh as he came to sit beside her, "Please Lady Olivia, I can hardly take all of the credit. It was, after all, my brother Edmund who talked our way out of a confrontation with the women of the Western Tribes, the angels that live there are truly beautiful women but some of the most vicious warriors. We were clearly outmatched with just the two of us and several of our military officers."

"I thought I told you to call me Olivia and if your brother was the man responsible for your escape, should it not be he who is telling this story?" she questioned playfully leaning slightly towards him as she spoke, causing her thigh to brush almost imperceptibly against his in her intoxicated state.

Peter chuckled, "Forgive me, Olivia." He replied purposefully stressing her name, "I suppose you're right though, Ed does have all the glory even if it was my sweet talking that really sent us on our way."

"And I suppose it was just terrible having to flirt with such beautiful savages." She said in playful mockery.

"Actually, it was quite entertaining. They were such skilled fighters, it was strangely attractive."

"Well then, I may have to practice with you some time seeing as you are just fascinated by females who are capable with a sword during battle." She said with a sparkle in her blue eyes.

Peter almost spluttered his drink in shock at her mention of being a female combatant herself, "You're a swordsman?" he asked looking at her in disbelief.

She giggled and nodded, "I am. Aslan has trained me in many areas since my arrival in his land."

"Well then, I suppose you will have to educate me on your many talents." Peter replied with a hint of suggestiveness to his tone that went almost completely unnoticed by Olivia, almost.

She stood abruptly and looked at Peter, "Come on, stand up. Unless you prefer to sit by yourself and watch me have all the fun." She joked as Peter then stood and took her hand gingerly in his and led her back into the crowd where they began dancing as though they had never stopped at all.

The prophecy had begun and, albeit unknowingly, they were celebrating the beginning of a long life together.

As the sun began to kiss the horizon, signaling the imminent beginning of the coming day, The High King and his newest court member made the long walk from corridor to corridor as Narnians of all shapes and sizes finally retired from their long night of celebration. They walked in a comfortable silence as Olivia clung to the arm he hand given her as they left the Great Hall, coming to a stop outside of Olivia's room at the end of the hall from Peter's. As they stood facing each other, not quite sure what to say to the other, Peter noticed for the first time how she was dressed. Her up do of chocolaty curls sat sloppily atop her head with a single golden rope near the crest of her head, her dress was a sort of powder blue that faded to white towards the bottom. It was made of cloth but was formfitting and beautiful all the same with soft flowing sleeves and a deep neckline that hinted at the ample cleavage she was displaying beneath the gown. She looked tired from long hours of dancing, but her eyes held a certain element of energy and excitement even with her fatigue.

"Thank you for escorting me to my room Peter. I had a wonderful time." She said quietly with a soft smile on her face.

"You're very welcome, it was my pleasure really. That was quite a night wasn't it?" he replied returning her grin.

"You Narnians can throw a party, that's for sure." Olivia said causing her and Peter to laugh softly.

"Goodnight Olivia," Peter whispered.

"Goodnight," she whispered back casting him a lingering look before he turned and made his way down the hall to his bedroom, leaving her standing noiselessly outside her door until she quickly entered her room and gave into exhaustion, scenes from the night swirling behind her heavy eyelids.


"Good morning," Olivia said with a curtsey as she entered the Feasting Room the next morning for breakfast dressed in a simple spring green dress and her hair down causing her dark tresses to fall loosely down her back and bounce as she walked.

"Ah, Lady Olivia good morning. Please, allow me to introduce you to Narnia's other Kings and Queens." Aslan said as he came to greet her.

Aslan led her around the room to Susan, "Queen Susan the Gentle." He announced and Olivia curtseyed politely.

"Queen Lucy the Valiant." Olivia again curtseyed, "It is lovely to meet you Lady Olivia. I've heard many things about you." Lucy said smiling at her.

Olivia returned the smile, "It is a pleasure to meet you as well. I hope we become great friends your majesty."

"We surely will and please, call me Lucy." Lucy responded excitedly.

Olivia giggled, "Okay, Lucy." The two smiled at each other again.

Finally Aslan brought her to the last royal, "King Edmund the Just." Aslan announced and Olivia curtseyed one final time.

Olivia then took her seat in the chair in between Lucy and Peter once he arrived.

"So Olivia, how do you like it here in Narnia?" Lucy asked not bothering with the formality of titles.

Olivia had been about to answer when Peter came into the room dressed in a simple white cloth shirt, leather vest, and brown pants and boots. He sat down next to Olivia and was greeted with a chorus of good mornings. Breakfast was quickly served and everyone had started their own conversations when suddenly Lucy gasped.

"Peter your arm!" She cried pointing at the blood seeping through the sleeve of his shirt.

Everyone at the table looks at Peter in worry, "Ed accidentally got me in practice this morning. It's nothing." He responded pushing up from the table to cover his wound.

"Here, let me help." Olivia said as she too rose from the table.

Aslan nodded and Olivia took him by the hand and led him from the room, doing her best to ignore the shock that went through her at the contact. She stopped to talk to one of the servants and brought him into her room, making him take a seat on the edge of her bed before rummaging through one of her trunks.

She came back with several jars of herbs and two small pieces of cloth, she set them down on her vanity and turned back to Peter, "You can either lift your sleeve or completely removed your shirt, it's your choice so long as I have easy access to your wound." She said calmly, as if she were telling him about her day.

Confused but willing to co-operate Peter lifted his shirt-sleeve up to his muscular shoulder revealing a small cut on his lower bicep. He was right, it was really nothing. Olivia took the small cloth she'd brought with her and tied it tightly around the cut.

Peter hissed at the pain and glared at her, "What the hell are you doing? What is all of that?" he asked gesturing agitatedly towards the jars of herbs behind her.

Olivia giggled, "Relax your Highness, I'm a healer. I tied that tightly to stop the bleeding so don't move your arm. This is to fight any infection and this is to speed the healing process." She said gesturing first to a jar of aloe and then an herb Peter didn't recognize.

She turned around to gather the different herbs, "So you're a healer as well, is there anything you can't do?" Peter asked with a laugh.

Olivia giggled again, "Yes actually, I'm a terrible seamstress. Stitches I can handle no problem, but if you give me a needle and thread and ask me to make something it turns out awful." She replied causing Peter to laugh again, "Now tell me when that stops bleeding. I asked one of the servants to bring me some sterile bandages for your arm so they should be here any moment."

While Olivia was crushing and mixing herbs Peter let his gaze wander around the room. It had white marble walls like every other room in the palace with a large window overlooking the beach lined coast of Cair Paravel. There was a small mahogany chair next to the window with a crimson cushion on it that had Aslan's emblem in the center. Olivia's double bed matched the chair and her vanity was the same dark mahogany. Bringing his attention back to the matter at hand he flexed his arm experimentally, it seemed to have stopped bleeding.

"Olivia, it think it stopped." He said, momentarily interrupting her concentration.

She set the bowl of herbs down and turned back to face Peter.

She removed the cloth and inspected the cut, "I think you're right." She said as she turned back around and grabbed another cloth that was damp.

She cleaned the drying blood from Peter's arm and quickly spread some aloe on it. Just as she turned to grab the other herb a servant came in with the sterile bandages. She thanked them and quickly went back to work, mixing the powdery blend with some aloe and massaging it into the cut. She quickly tied the bandage around his arm and Peter pulled his blood-stained sleeve down while Olivia put the
herbs back into her trunk.

"There, all better." She said with a playful smile as she turned back to face him.

He returned her smile and laughed silently, "Thank you," he said looking into her azure eyes.

She took his hand, "It was my pleasure. Now come back in the morning and I'll change your bandages."

Peter rose from the bed and Olivia walked with him to the door.

He opened it and stepped out into the hall, "Oh by the way, you might want to change your shirt. I'm going to go find your sisters." Olivia said following him out.

Peter nodded and just as he reached his door Lucy came running down the hall, "There you two are! I've been looking all over! Hurry, we're taking a trip to the beach and having a picnic there for lunch! It's a half hour ride down to the beach!" Lucy cried in excitement as she raced in their direction.

Peter laughed, "Alright Lu, we'll be there in a moment. I have to change my shirt."

Lucy beamed and nodded, heading back in the direction she came filled to the brim with excitement. Peter waved Olivia over, holding his door open for her as she entered the room. Peter's bedroom was beautiful. With high golden ceilings, the same marble of every room, there was a very large bed fit for a king in the center. It had a canopy above and even curtains for secluded privacy. His bed and decorations were done in the same crimson and gold with mahogany wood she had in her room, but something about the pure quality of it screamed royalty. He had a large walk-in closet on the opposite side of the bed from her and what she could guess was a very large bathroom almost directly across the room from the bed.

Olivia stood directly in front of the door as Peter removed his leather vest followed by his shirt leaving him bare from the waist up. It was a good thing he wasn't looking at her because she couldn't help the slack in her jaw as she gazed in appreciation at the young King's muscular physique. Her cheeks turned bright red and she quickly moved her gaze around the room keeping her from focusing on the shirtless ruler for too long. Finally he slipped on a pale blue shirt identical to the white one he had on before. She moved her gaze to his handsome face, his eyes meeting hers as he put on his leather vest and tied it.

She blushed again and tucked a stray curl behind her ear nervously, "Shall we?" Peter asked with a smile as he walked over to her and offered his arm.

She nodded and fit her small hand into the crook of his arm. He held the door open and they walked in a quiet yet happy silence to the stables just outside the castle gates. Peter brought out his horse, a hefty black stallion with white socks on his from legs, and readied him for the day's ride. Once his horse was ready Peter lead Olivia to another stall that held her horse, a beautiful blond mare with four white socks and a white star.

"This is where you horse will be kept from now on." Peter said gesturing around the stall.

Olivia stepped forward and gingerly stroked her horse, whom she had named Honey because of her color. Honey whinnied in happiness at the sight of Olivia and nuzzled her cheek affectionately.

Olivia laughed and placed a kiss on the mare's nose, "Peter, this is Honey, Honey, Peter." Olivia said motioning between the two.

Peter held out an apple from the bin outside the stable door which Honey happily accepted and brushed his hand repeatedly along her nose while Olivia prepared her for the ride to the beach. Once she was done they lead their horses to the trail where Lucy, Susan, and Edmund were waiting atop their horses. Peter tried to help Olivia but she politely refused, putting her foot in the stirrups and hoisting herself onto Honey in one swift movement.

"Peter, Peter," she tsked as she looked down at him with a playful smirk, "When are you going to learn? I may be a lady of the court, but I'm not helpless. I'm a warrior who knows how to handle herself." She said as then walked her horse so she was standing between Susan and Lucy.

"Well, are you coming or not?" Olivia asked him teasingly, trying to hide her laughter at his stunned expression.

Without another word Peter slung himself onto the saddle and they set off.


Hey guys! So I hope you enjoyed chapter two! And I hope you're beginning to get a feel for what Olivia's like! I would love some feedback so I know what y'all'd like to see and I can try and find a place for it in here that goes along with my plan for this story! I love you all and I look forward to bringing you guys many more chapters to come!(:I

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