To Love Without Reserve (A Peter Pevensie Love Story)

PeterxOC. A King and Queen must trust the Lion who brought them together and learn to love with everything they have, for happiness is not without loss and victory without it's price. Join Peter and Olivia as they journey through life's unexpected twists and turns and discover what it truly means to love without reserve.

Chapter 1

The Prophecy

"Your majesties, a guest has arrived. Forgive me, I would not interrupt but he says it's urgent." A guard said rushing into the royal court room and over to Narnia's rulers, he leaned in very close so only the four royals could hear him, "He bring news from Aslan."

Peter's eyes widened and he sat up straight, moving his gaze to the large doors at the front of the room, "Send him in." he commanded, his voice ringing with the regal authority he had earned from several years as High King.

The large golden doors were opened only moments later and a young fawn dressed in Narnia's colors and bearing the Great Lion's emblem came forth and slowly preceded across the long room with a leather bag filled with scrolls and several dwarves behind him. Finally reaching the area near the four thrones the fawn knelt before the Kings and Queens of Narnia as did the dwarves that followed him.

"Rise," Peter said, looking at the fawn curiously, "What news do you bring from Aslan?"

The fawn rose and spoke with great pride, "I bring forth a prophecy."

Members of the royal court gasped and began mumbling amongst each other, anxious to know what was predicted by the creator of their beloved country. The fawn approached Queen Lucy and handed the scroll to her with a bow.

Lucy nervously broke the seal and quickly read the scroll, her eyes growing wide as she then began to read it aloud, "When Eve's soft flesh and Adam's bone, become one and be wed, Narnia will have an heir to its throne, and prevail when darkness lies ahead."

The eyes of every Narnian in the room widened with wonder and excitement, one of the Kings and Queens of Narnia was going to find love and give their country its first heir to the throne! How exciting! Lucy passed the scroll off to Susan and each Pevensie read the elegant script of Narnia's newest prophecy with nervous anticipation, one of them was going to be married and have a child, but which one?

"Well this is definitely exciting news, and I do believe this is cause for a celebration." Peter said rolling the scroll up and handing it to a servant on his right.

Everyone whooped and cheered at the mention of a party, they hadn't had cause for a celebration like this since the coronation of their current rulers after the White Witch's demise four years ago. Narnian celebrations were always festive and happy and filled with joy and delight as they danced until sunrise the next morning.

Peter rose and looked out among the crowd, their faces shone with the anticipation of their King's coming plans, "In a week's time there shall be a great feast here at Cair Paravel. Every Narnian that wishes to attend will be welcomed with open arms as we join together in celebration of our country's prosperous future and news of the coming marriage of a son and daughter of Adam and Eve. May Aslan grace you all with his love and devotion as we prepare for this joyous occasion, long live Narnia, and long live Aslan."

Every creature in Narnia roared and cheered as High King Peter concluded his speech and patriotism and loyalty coursed through them and mixed with their exhilaration. They simply couldn't wait for the celebration to begin. Slowly Narnians began to leave the royals to commence in planning the grand festivity that lay ahead of them. There was so much to do in order to be ready to host such an event and only a single week to prepare. Once they were left alone Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy clustered together.

"Can you believe it? One of us is going to be married! Oh this is so exciting! I-" Lucy began to muse gleefully the moment she was surrounded by her siblings.

"Easy Lu, before we get too excited about the prophecy we have to discuss how we're going to prepare for this party. It's going to take a lot of work." Peter interrupted his sister, bringing her focus to the matters at hand.

"Oh, that's rich coming from you Peter! Like you and Ed are going to have anything to do with planning the party! Now you two run off to play with your swords or something and leave the party planning to Susan and me!" Lucy replied shooing them playfully away with her hand.

Peter and Edmund chuckled, "Whatever you say Lu. C'mon Peter let's go practice our swordsmanship with some of our our soldiers." Edmund said motioning for Peter to follow him by jerking his head in the direction of their normal practice area.

Peter smiled and followed his brother, once they were far enough away he looked at Ed and chuckled, "That was too easy."

Edmund laughed and shook his head in agreement, "Way too easy!"

"Lucy, you are aware that Peter did that on purpose to get out of planning the party, aren't you?" Susan asked looking at her sister inquisitively.

Lucy giggled and smiled, "Of course I did! They would've done anything to get out of helping and just gotten in our way. So I simply got it over with when the opportunity presented itself! Now c'mon, we have to find Mr. Tumnus and Mrs. Beaver. They'll be anxious to begin planning and collecting everything we'll need." Lucy said as she took Susan by the hand and began dragging her in the direction of Mr. Tumnus's room.


"Put that over there. Move that picture just slightly to the left, perfect! Now, where are those Lion's Mane flowers I sent my ladies maids to collect this morning? I want this room covered with them and the Centaur's Breath to decorate those windows over there." Susan said directing an endless amount of servants in various directions.

She and Lucy had been working non-stop all week and the vast room was just starting to come together in a masterpiece of elegance and rustic beauty. There was still a lot of work to be done which was leaving the two young Queens very frazzled and weary as they rushed to have everything perfect for the ball and feast that was to take place in two days' time. Lucy was in the middle of questioning Mr. Tumnus about how many guests he though would come when a deafening roar echoed across the palace.

Susan and Lucy gasped and turned to look at each other, their eyes wide, "What was that?" Lucy asked her voice filled with curiosity.

Without another word Lucy took off in the direction the sound had come from and raced excitedly across the castle.

"Lucy!" Susan cried as she sprinted after her sister.

"Come on!" Lucy hollered back, never slowing as continued to run, leaving Susan far behind her.

By now there was a large group of Narnians gathered in the large opening room of Cair Paravel standing in awe as they discovered the great creature who had emitted such a powerful sound. The Great Lion, Aslan, stood in the center of the room, carrying himself with all the regality of a mighty king and the tenderness of a loving father.

"Aslan!" Lucy cried in joy as she bound across the room and into him, wrapping her arms as best she could around him in a hug.

Aslan hummed happily as Susan nearly mimicked her younger sister's actions as she too embraced him.

"What are you doing here?" Susan asked as she pulled back to look at him.

He chuckled deep within his mighty chest, "Calm, dear ones. Did you really think I would miss such an occasion? Or am I not welcome to celebrate among the other Narnians?" he asked teasingly.

The two Queens' looked owlishly at him and gasped, "No! Of course you're welcome to celebrate with us! This is just a surprise is all!" Lucy said hastily as she tried to correct her mistake.

Aslan let out a hearty laugh, "Now," he said looking at the young Narnian rulers, "Where are your brothers?"


The two Kings of Narnia had been dueling for hours, their clothes soaked with perspiration and their brows breaded with sweat from the effort they were exerting. They took a five minute break, breathing heavily as they struggled to catch their breath. Once their break was finished they picked up their swords and began their endless duel again.

"Come on Ed, block!" Peter said as he thrust his sword at his brother, "You're going to have to do better than that if you want beat me!" Peter said with a playful laugh.

"Oh, shut it Peter!" Edmund said as his sword connected with Peter's, throwing him slightly off kilter, "Is that it? I faced stronger opponents during our battle with the White Witch!"

"Oh is that right? Let's see if you can handle this then!" Peter said countering Edmund's attack with an on slaughter of carefully calculated blows, sending Ed's sword flying a few feet away and leaving him with his back to the stone wall behind him and his brother's sword at his throat.

"Well," Peter began a victorious smirk on his face, "Looks like I win again."

He laughed and brought his sword down to his side.

"Don't worry Ed you'll actually beat me someday!" Peter said as he put Rhindon in the sheath at his waist.

Edmund was about to retort when a guard came rushing in. He knelt before the Narnian Kings, his heavy breathing a sigh of his fatigue.

The guard rose and addressed the two royals, "Your majesties, come quickly! Aslan is waiting for you at the front of the castle!"

"Aslan!" the young Kings exclaimed throwing their swords to the ground and dashing in the direction that would lead them to the Lion.

Peter and Edmund didn't stop running until they reached Aslan, Susan and Lucy already by his side. The two brothers grinned broadly and knelt before the King of Kings.

"Aslan, it's so great to see you." Peter said as he rose to his feet followed by Edmund.

He tried to pay attention to Aslan's reply but he was suddenly distracted by one of the members of Aslan's traveling troupe. A woman about Peter's age was standing quietly off to Aslan's right side talking quietly to one of the centaurs. Her hair was chocolate brown and fell in loose curls down to the middle of her back. Her skin was a golden tan from long hours in the sun and her physique was toned but held womanly curves in the proper places. As if sensing his gaze the woman turned her eyes to him and Peter was met with shimmering pools of blue. With her shy smile he was able to see the soft beauty of her face, she was unique. Her splendor was not evident like Susan's or slowly blooming like Lucy's. It was subtle and required your full attention.

As quickly as her attention had turned to him, it was gone. Without another look in his direction she was escorted by one of the castle staff into another room leaving the dazed king behind her. His distraction seemed to go unnoticed as he turned his attention back to Aslan who had in turn moved his attention to Edmund. Peter smiled. He could talk to Aslan later. He bowed respectfully and silently made the long walk to his bedroom.


Peter didn't see the mysterious girl again in the two days before the revelries were to take place in the Feasting Room and Grand Hall of Cair Paravel. He was currently in his room being dressed by a few of the many castle servants. He was becoming quite bored when finally his crown was placed on his head and he was free to step away and in front of a mirror that had been brought in. He was dressed in a medium blue velvet tunic with navy stockings and a pair of black leather boots with his golden crown seated perfectly on his head. He looked like a true King of Narnia.

Satisfied, he made his way to the great doors outside the Feasting Room where Edmund and Lucy stood waiting for him, "Where's Susan?" he asked annoyed.

"Still getting dressed of course." Lucy said with a playful room of her eyes.

Peter sighed. She was always the last one.

"Aslan forbid she actually be ready on time." Edmund said causing them all to laugh lightly.

After quite a bit of waiting Susan finally came into the room and took her place between Edmund and Lucy. Lucy nodded to a centaur standing by the door and soon the large doors were opened and their presence was announced. The crowd cheered loudly and Aslan let out a cheerful roar. They took their seats at the large table at the head of the room. Peter, on Aslan's left, and Lucy to the right of Mr. Tumnus.

The Kings and Queens of Narnia lifted their gold and silver goblets filled with wine, in Lucy's case grape juice, and raised them high in the air, "Let the celebration begin!" they all said together, earning another loud cheer before they took a large drink.

Once the Feasting Began platter after platter of delicious food was brought out and set in every available place of every table. Plates were piled high and mouths were stuffed with mouthful after mouthful of food and glass after glass of beer and wine refilled. Once they were all stuffed to the brim Aslan announced it was time to move into the Great Hall. The four Pevensies lead the way with Aslan by their side. The Great Hall was even more magnificent than it had been for their coronation. The entire room was covered decorative flowers and the remnants of the fading sunset coming in through the many windows high above the rest of the room gave the large ceiling a soft glow. Candles were everywhere and made the dance floor seem mysterious and inviting. Susan and Lucy had really out done themselves and even they seemed shocked how well the room had turned out.

After admiring the room the Kings and Queens took their places in the center of the room for the first dance, Peter with Susan and Edmund with Lucy. It was tradition that the Kings and Queens had the first dance of the night dancing with their spouses, or in this case, their siblings. They bowed and curtseyed and stood with their palms together as they waited for the music to begin. The dance was very elegant and flawless. They'd spent a few hours everyday meeting with a group of Fawns and Angels from the Western Tribes learning and perfecting different dances that were easy but very graceful. They knew several Narnian dances but they wanted to surprise their people with something unique.

There was a roar of cheers and applause as the dance ended. The royals addressed their crowd with large smiles before taking their places on the thrones at the front of the room wrapped in vines and flowers. Once they were seated the room erupted in song and dance, everyone was happy and enjoying the night's festivities. Susan and Lucy were eventually asked to dance and Peter decided to socialize near the table filled with different beers and wines. Edmund sat and watched his people dancing and laughing and sighed, he'd never been one for parties. Soon enough though, Lucy had dragged him onto the dance floor and he found that was actually having fun.

Peter stood goblet in hand off to the side of the large crowd, it was wonderful to see his people enjoying this special occasion. They had hope for a bright future and basked in the happiness and security given to them by their Kings and Queens. Peter had just finished a conversation with a centaur when Aslan approached him with the mysterious beauty he had seen days ago at his side.

"Peter bowed to the Great Lion, "Alsan,"

"Peter, I would like to formally introduce you to Lady Olivia, the newest member of Narnia's court." Aslan said gesturing with his head to the beautiful young woman.

She curtseyed and Peter kissed her hand politely, "It is a pleasure to meet you, my King. Aslan has told me much about you."

"The pleasure is mine. I trust he has only told you good things." Peter replied, causing them all to laugh.

"I shall leave you two along, you are in good company." Aslan said, turning and leaving them to talk.

"I'm sorry, but where are you from?" The High King asked curiously, she had to be an Angel from the Western Tribes or the Southern country of Archenland or Calormen for she neither looked nor sounded like any Narnian he had ever seen.

She giggled and looked apologetically at Peter's expression, "Oh, forgive me I figured he must have told."

Peter scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion, "Told me what?"

Olivia blushed and looked directly into his waiting blue eyes, "My King, I am a Daughter of Eve."

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